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Fun and Educational Water Toys For Toddlers and Preschoolers!


Water toys for toddlers are perfect for outdoor play during the summer and bath time all year long. I’ve gathered our favorite educational ones in today’s post. File away for cute birthday gifts!

With so much time at home this spring I would often let Louise take long baths just to kill some time. So I ordered some “educational” water toys that are also great for a baby pool or water table this summer.

The floating building blocks are so much fun and interesting. And Louise loves the turtles. We use them to talk about colors and shapes! Scroll down to see them all! 

Squirting Toys
Children love squirt toys. These are mold-free!
Twisty Droppers
Great for fine motor skills and to use in sensory bins.
Animal Play Set
Plastic animal play sets are great for imaginative play!
Magnetic Fishing Set
To work on hand-eye coordination!
Shape Shell Turtles
Practice shape and color recognition with these.
Water Building Blocks
Fun for imaginative play!

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