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Fall Gifts Your Friends Will LOVE!


Fall Hostess Gift

Whether you are going to a party and need a hostess gift, have a friend in need, or are looking for a simple “thank you” gift, food gifts are often the perfect way to show someone you are thinking about them. Today we are sharing some beautiful fall gifts that are easy to put together and drop off!

Woman holding potted purple mums

Pretty Store-bought Mums

Oversized pumpkin tags - use as place cards!
Amazon gift wrap set has so many uses.
Pretty terracotta ribbon on Amazon.
Traditional pumpkin tags.

fall gift basket for friendsFall Gift Basket

If you haven’t checked out our Fall Favorites Guide, there are so many cute things to put in a gift basket for a thoughtful gift! Think autumn things like apples, pumpkin or apple butter, pumpkin bread (homemade or store bought!), maybe some festive plates and napkins. The options are endless. The key is to have fun with it!

Our favorite pumpkin bread mix for fall baking!
Yummy pumpkin butter to have on hand for fall gifts and pumpkin bread!
Cutest pumpkin napkins! They come as plates, too!
Cute mugs for movie night and apple cider!
The perfect gift basket for fall! And on sale now!
I use this cellophane roll every holiday season and love it!
Add a touch of color to your gift basket with this beautiful orange ribbon.
Use this as filler!

Pumpkin Bread Wrapped Beautifully

Pumpkin bread is the ultimate of fall gifts! It can be enjoyed for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack and brings you right into the season. There are so many cute ways to gift pumpkin bread, whether you use your favorite pumpkin bread recipe or pick up a box of Trader Joe’s mix! And you can batch-make several mini loaves in no time. We found these adorable paper baking pans on Amazon — they’re great because the recipient doesn’t need to worry about returning them!

How beautiful is this pumpkin mold baking tin?
Add these gorgeous pumpkin towels they can use in their kitchen for fall!
These mini loaf pans are perfect for transporting bread gifts!
Such a cute gift tag idea for fall!

Canned apple butter recipe

Vanilla Bean Apple Butter

Looking for fall gifts you can make in batches? Then try homemade apple butter! It may sound complicated or fancy, but it is such a simple gift to give (and make!) this time of year. Enjoy on toast, with crackers and cheese, or mixed into your favorite yogurt parfait. Right now the apples are gorgeous and every variety is out on the shelves — be playful and try a variety of different apples and you will get wonderful and slightly different flavors. It can be refrigerated for up to a week. Or if you decide to properly can the apple butter, this is a gift that can be made in advance. Garnish with rosemary! You can find our favorite cinnamon apple butter here to purchase.

Mason Jars | Ribbon

Fall Tailgate Mix

Here’s a cute tailgate snack mix that’s fun for game day or for a snack for children’s sports games or parties! Click get the recipe for the super easy snack mix on Joy + Oliver’s site

Potted thyme

Paper Bag Thyme

Potted plants are always a no-fail hostess gift, but if you can make them edible and something that can be used on a daily basis while cooking, they’re even better. Herbs are the easiest edible plants to grow, are so fresh in the summer, and can be dried in the winter. The flavor of thyme goes with just about everything — from meats to fish, soups, and even desserts, and is perfect to keep on your counter.  Keeping this potted edible plant simple is key. You can do that with a simple clay pot, potting soil, and a paper lunch bag. A sweet way to say thank you to someone in your life! They are sure to smile.

Small Clay Pot | Potting soil | Paper Lunch Bag | Ribbon| Thyme (Whole Foods or local nursery)

For more thoughtful fall gift ideas, don’t forget to check out our Fall Favorites Guide here!


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