Fall Homemade Gifts Your Friends Will LOVE!

Fall Homemade Gifts Your Friends Will LOVE!


Fall homemade gifts your friends will love!

Whether you are going to a party and need a hostess gift, or you have a friend in need or just a simple thank you, food gifts are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking about them. Today I am excited to welcome Kristen Massad from Joy + Oliver to show up three thoughtful homemade gifts you can whip up in no time. 

Kristen Massad is a pastry chef, graduate of the French Culinary Institute, and contributor to the Dallas Morning News and now to DoSayGive as well. Her food blog, Joy + Oliver, has so many scrumptious recipes and today she’s sharing some delightful edible gifts that you will love taking to friends and family this fall.

I’ve turned a few of my favorite fall flavors are turned into the perfect gifts: pumpkin, apple and thyme.  Not only are these flavors used throughout the season, they are perfect to wrap up and share!

Delicious pumpkin bread! 

Pumpkin Bread

As we all know, pumpkin is a fall favorite and pumpkin bread is a gift that you know won’t get re-gifted;). Pumpkin bread can be enjoyed for breakfast, snack or dessert and brings you right into the season. I used a Hearth and Hand dish towel (similar one here) from Target to wrap but you can use any cute dish towel you find at Home Goods or Anthropologie. Make sure you wrap the bread in cellophane first to keep it fresh. My favorite Pumpkin Bread Recipe is enhanced with cinnamon and ginger.

What you will need:

Pumpkin Bread-Homemade or from your favorite Bakery.
Cellophane or Cellophane Bag- to keep the bread fresh
Dish Towel (similar)
Cinnamon Sticks
Gift Tag (similar)


Canned apple butter

Vanilla Bean Apple Butter

Vanilla Bean Apple Butter is such a simple yet tasty gift to give this time of year. It can  be enjoyed on toast, with crackers and cheese or mixed into your favorite yogurt parfait.  Right now the apples are gorgeous and every variety is out on the shelves. Be playful and try a variety of different apples and you will get wonderful and slightly different flavors. It can be refrigerated for up to a week. Or if you decide to properly can the apple butter, this is a gift that can be made in advance.  Find the recipe for my favorite Vanilla Bean Apple Butter at Joy + Oliver.

What you will need:

Apple Butter Recipe
Mason Jars
Garnish: Rosemary or Vanilla Bean (optional)

Potted thyme

Paper Bag Thyme

Potted plants are always a welcome hostess gift, but if you can make it edible and something that can be used on a daily basis while cooking, it is even better.  Herbs are the easiest edible plants to grow and are so fresh in the summer and can be dried in the winter.  The flavor of thyme goes with just about everything, meats, fish, soups, and even desserts and is perfect to keep on your counter.  Keeping this potted edible plant simple is key. You can do that with a simple clay pot, potting soil, and a paper lunch bag. A sweet way to say thank you to someone in your life!

What you will need:

Small Clay Pot
Potting soil
Thyme (Pick up at Whole Foods or local home improvement store)
Paper Lunch Bag

Thank you so much, Kristen, for this wonderful post! Click here to view more of her fabulous recipes.

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Fall homemade gifts your friends will love!

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