DoSayGive Reviews: Emily Ley's New Simplified Planner!

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner Launch!



It’s the Emily Ley Simplified Planner Launch Day! I have been telling you about this darling line for two years now and, if you remember from years past, these planners typically sell out at some point. Good news: Emily Ley sent me a planner to review ahead of time so I am giving you the scoop before they go on sale at 10 am EST!

emily ley simplified planner

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with Emily Ley she has become a (lovely!) voice of my generation of busy women. Her Instagram captions are so inspiring and her simple truths about family and prioritizing our time resonate with so many of my mom friends: Choose what matters. Grace, not perfection. So much so that Harper Collins approached her about putting all her wisdom and sweet encouragement into a book (to be released in October, but you can pre-order it now here!)

To be frank, the main reason I initially chose to go with Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner – when I made the big switch from Outlook to an “old-fashioned” paper planner two years ago – was because her line seemed so clean and fresh (and cute!). But after two Emily Ley Simplified Planners, I can officially say I am hooked with everything about this line: the design, the quality, the inspirational quotes and verses at the top of every page – all just give you a little boost each day you open the pages of your planner.

I have always used the Simplified Planner Daily Edition (which, after nine months of use, has stood up extremely well!) The Daily Edition ($58) has a separate page for each day as well as a monthly page at the start of each new month. If you day is jam-packed then this calendar is for you, with an hour-by-hour place for penciling appointments, a to-do list checklist, and a space for planning that evening’s dinner.

Photo: Emily Ley

The Daily Edition’s calendar runs August 2016-July 2017. Here are the four darling designs, with the signature gold binding:

This year I am going to try out Emily Ley’s gorgeous new leather bound Academic Weekly Edition ($58) which runs from August 2016-December 2017. I loved my Daily Edition, but also like the idea of viewing an entire week at a time. If you don’t need the to-do checklist list within your planner, and don’t have a lot of appointments each day, this calendar would meet all your planner needs. And the beautiful leather binding is perfect for those of us who like to throw our planners in our handbags as we head out each day!


emily ley weekly edition

I chose the turquoise, but it comes in two other beautiful colors:


You can read more about the two different editions and their features on Emily Ley’s website. And don’t forget about the other cute products from Emily Ley, many of which are included in my Gift Guides. The pineapple paper clips are a darling and inexpensive teacher gift and new moms love Emily Ley’s Baby Book! More gift ideas here:


Feel free to forward this post to a friend to tell them about today’s launch! And thank you to Emily Ley and her amazing team for gifting me this beautiful new planner.







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