Easy Mother's Day Handprint Craft

Easy Mother’s Day Handprint Craft!


mother's day craft

With social distance learning many of us won’t be getting that token handmade Mother’s Day gifts from school. So today I am sharing a super sweet and very old school handprint craft to do at home (inspired by a craft our team member, Meg Thatcher, did when she was little!). 

This craft is so simple it doesn’t really need many instructions. And you can use things you already have at home:

  • White paper (cut into 5 x 7 for little hands or 8 x 10 for bigger hands so you can frame)
  • Construction Paper (or Color White Paper)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes (or use eraser from pencil)
  • Old t-shirts/garbage bags

1. Cover up with old t-shirts and place a garbage bag down to protect patio.

2. Put paint on a plate or paint your child’s hand with a paint brush if they will hold still. The key is to have a thin layer, not too globby.

3. Have children spread their fingers wide and press down on paper. Press on their fingers to make sure the full handprint gets on the paper. Make 2-3 extra prints for gifts. 

4. Lift up and Let dry. Wash hands. 

5. Cut “vases” from colored paper. Decorate. 

6. Dip tips of fingers in paint to make the center of the 5 flowers. Then use a paint brush or end of an eraser make dots around the flower for petals. 

7. Don’t forget to have them write their names and the year. A sweet memento from this time at home together! 

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