DoSayGive's Children's Summer Book Club!

DoSayGive’s 2024 Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is Here!


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What started as an idea on a whim seven years ago has grown into an annual and very beloved part of DoSayGive. Our 2024 Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is here. Read on to find out what’s new with the book club this year. If you have never taken part, don’t miss out on this very special experience your children will never forget. 

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For the past seven years, our book club has been dedicated to bringing timeless children’s books back into the spotlight. These are the sweet, innocent stories that generations past have cherished, and they continue to spark joy and imagination in young readers today.

Our book club is more than just a list of books. We divide the delightful book list into enchanting themes like “All Aboard” for train adventures and “A Day at the Seashore” for pretend beachside fun and share coordinating (simple) activity ideas to go with the books. Whether it’s making a craft at home or exploring your local city, these activities help children make connections with the books they’re reading, turning ordinary summer days into magical adventures.

Every week, we recommend picture books that captivate young minds and a chapter book perfect for older children or family read-aloud sessions. Plus, with your membership, you’ll receive tips on fostering a love of reading, reducing screen time, and selecting enriching, age-appropriate books that celebrate the essence of childhood.

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Why classic books?

Much like we choose the healthiest foods for our children’s bodies, we believe most parents want to put the best of the best in their children’s minds. Many of the classic books we share in our Children’s Summer Book Club emphasize good, lovely, noble, and virtuous storylines, are full of rich language, and include beautiful illustrations.

Sadly, many of these wonderful books are missing from school libraries and big-box bookstores, so we’re excited to spotlight them this summer. We’ve also included newer books with the same high standards as some of the classics.

We’re truly bringing you the best of children’s books — both classic and new!

How does the book club help parents? 

No more scrolling Amazon or the library trying to find wholesome books for your family. We’ve done the work for you to bring you a list of 50 classic and new books that are the best of the best when it comes to storylines, language, illustrations and more. As soon you as you purchase you can immediately download the pdf book and activity list. We make it easy!

Why do you include activities? 

Our simple activities are tailored to the weekly themes and are to give your family easy, screen-free ways to spend time together this summer and help children make connections to the books they are reading. This is merely a suggested list for you to use as needed!

  • Outside activities to encourage a love of nature
  • Arts and crafts activities to encourage creativity
  • Poetry and art to expand the mind
  • Cooking activities for the whole family to enjoy
  • Building and construction activities to foster imagination
  • Outing ideas to help explore your city

Are the books and activities different than last year?

Yes! We have are repeating some of the themes from the 2019-2020 book clubs. So if you didn’t join us those summers the content will be completely new!

What’s different about this year’s club?

We heard our readers loud and clear and they want an even simpler book club this year. There is no official start date so you can hop in anytime or do the five themes in whatever order you want, as much or as little as you want. It’s a go-at-your-own-pace club — great for families who plan to travel this summer, have summer camps, or need a break from the hustle and bustle.

One more thing: it’s even more affordable to give your children an enriching and fun-filled summer! Plus, take 10% off with code SUMMER10 through May 31 at this link.

Is there a membership site and Instagram page?

We still have membership site with access to printables like a reading tracker and book plates along with great resources when it comes to creating a culture reading in your family and videos from previous book clubs. But if you never go to the membership site, that’s okay, too!We will send out a handful of emails post purchase with tips for making the most out of the book club.

Our Instagram page will not be as active as in years past but we’d love to share your book club experiences and memories so please tag us if you share any photos of favorite books or activities.  

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