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Creative Ways To Use The Summer Book Club

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I am blown away by the interest in our Classic Children’s Book Club this summer and how many parents are looking for a fun and enriching summer with their children. Already we have raised enough money to donate over 4,500 meals to the North Texas Food Bank!  So thank you for telling your friends about the book club.

Today I want to highlight a few fun ways to get creative with the book club, including how to include grandparents, friends and even how to give this book club as a gift. Reading officially starts next week so there is still time to join!

Get Grandparents Involved!

If your grandparents are in town ask them to read one of the books each time they visit. For out of town grandparents, you could have a weekly story time with the book club books (or any books!). (This will give you a few minutes of peace!)

Many of the “Entrance Chapter Books” on our book list would be great for grandparents because they are written in such a way that each chapter is often a stand alone story. All the picture books work well, too.

For children learning to read you could buy two sets of on the early reader books on our list: one for your child and one for the grandparents. The grandparent could listen and help the child to read over Facetime. (Then donate the second book!)

Swap Books with a Friend!

Save money and swap the picture books halfway through the week with a neighbor (wipe off first of course!)

Or switch books at the end of the week. We are releasing the activity printables two weeks at a time for the purpose of sharing books with a friend and saving money. The activities align with that week’s book club theme. One person will always be on an “off” week but that’s okay. 

Give it as a Gift!

Want to give the book club as a gift? Use this link. You will be sent a code that you can give to the recipient. You could add a gift card to Amazon for a truly thoughtful gift!

Start a new tradition!

Even if your child doesn’t love reading, most children love a good story. So make the book club time spent together by reading some of the chapter books suggested with your child and then talking about the book together. (Most older children love to be read to despite what they may say!). 

Fight boredom (and the screen!)

The book club does the planning for you. When you need a screen free activity you will have a list of enriching and simple things to do at home. 

You can read more about the book club in this post. Hope you’ll join us!

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