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Darling Easter Outfit Inspiration from The Country Bunny!

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Easter is less than a month away and we’ve made finding Easter outfits a breeze with our recent classic book inspiration series on Instagram. The happy spring colors of the The Country Bunny provide the perfect backdrop for our latest curation. Click the collage to go right to the products or scroll down to shop!

Did you know that this Easter classic was originally bedtime story for the author’s children? (Fun fact: so was A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh!) Du Bose Heyward’s The Country Bunny has delighted generations of children since 1939. I remember reading as a child and now I read to mine. 

The spring colors, blues, yellows and green in the book would also be precious for Easter dresses and suits. I am loving the boys’ line at Bella Bliss for Easter attire this year. This button down shirt might be the perfect Easter plaid with khakis or paired with one of their colored pants. 

I also adore these blue and coral dresses and the collared dress and coordinating bubble from TBBC has my heart!

Mamas, if you haven’t read this precious classic book, you will glean the good old-fashioned mothering tip of: delegating! Wise Cottontail enlists her little bunnies’ help in sweeping, scrubbing, sewing, and so much more. We found this darling toddler cleaning set and children’s sewing kit – either would make a darling gift!

And can’t we all relate to Mama Bunny after this past year? The scene of her plopped under the apple blossom tree, discouraged and overwhelmed from managing so much, all while trying to persevere toward her dreams and helping others along the way, makes this book more precious than ever.

“You are not only wise, and kind, and swift,” the Grandfather Bunny tells her before she continues on her journey, “you are also the bravest of all the bunnies.”

And so, mamas out there, are you.💛

You can browse more cute Easter gifts and basket fillers in our Easter Guides. Happy Spring!


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  1. Love love love love this!!!! One of my favorite childhood books and such sweet coordinating ensembles!