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Classic Outfit Inspiration from Tasha Tudor

Classic Children's Books

Have you seen our new classic book inspiration series on Instagram? We’re sharing timeless clothes and toys inspired by the illustrations from some of our favorite classic children’s books. Our latest curation is filled with gift, party and even Easter outfit ideas. I hope it will brighten your Sunday scrolling!

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One of my go-to gifts for first birthdays is the counting book, 1 is One. If you love Tasha Tudor’s idyllic illustrations, this book will delight!

Tasha Tudor illustrated nearly 100 children’s books in her lifetime, wonderfully capturing with her pastel watercolors the innocence, imagination and simplicity of childhood. Her illustrations inspired this Mother Goose birthday party I threw for one of my girls. 
I love that in her books children dress (and act) like children. Girls are often in straw hats and bonnets, and are pictured enjoying nature surrounded by birds, geese and baby lambs. The dresses above seemed like they’d fit right in with a Tasha Tudor setting and would be so darling for Easter Sunday! I especially adore this smocked dress with sash and this dress would be so sweet for sister matching.

Family and traditions are often front and center in Tudor’s books. In 1 is One, a milestone birthday is celebrated (hence the cake stand and gorgeous pastel candles that are on our Easter Guide!). We feel the same way about traditions and birthdays at DoSayGive. This birthday plate is a sweet tradition in our home. All my girls have a unique one that we display the week of their birthday.

And I love giving heirloom gifts and toys for my girls that they will treasure for years to come. If you have a child with a birthday coming up this birthday bunny line would make precious party attire!
Speaking of first birthdays, we have an entire post with our favorite first birthday gift ideas (and second and third, too!). 

What inspires you in this classic book inspiration? 

Happy Sunday!

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