Cozy Slippers for the Whole Family

Cozy Slippers for the Whole Family!


There aren’t many gifts that say “cozy” like a good pair of slippers! I know that I feel like it’s “officially” the holiday season when I wear mine for the first time — or better yet, buy a new pair! As temperatures cool and the days get shorter, I know we’re all trying to find ways to make things extra cozy for us and our loved ones. That’s why I think a new pair of slippers is one of the best gifts to give this year, and one that will be on almost everyone’s list! Here I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites at all price points, for all ages.

First, let me share that these UGG slippers are my all-time favorite house shoes. I love them because they are water-resistant so you can wear them outside to take the dog out if needed! I have had both the plain and the kind with the tie. A great Christmas gift!

Slippers for Women

I wear these UGG slippers all the time! They come with or without the ties. Curbside pickup available.
These cozy J. Crew slippers are top-rated and come in several colors.
The softest, fuzziest slip-ons! On Amazon Prime!
These are the most luxurious slippers!

Slippers for Men

Men’s UGG slippers to match the women’s pair. A great his-and-hers gift! Curbside pickup available.
J. Crew men’s slippers - on sale!
The traditional UGG slippers in luxe leather. Curbside pickup available.
These Target slippers are a steal at under $40. Curbside pickup available.

Slippers for Tweens & Teens

Love these UGG slippers for teen girls! Free shipping or curbside pickup.
These rainbow slipper sandals are so fun!
Under $30 with free shipping via Prime, too! You just can't beat that price (or cuteness)!
These slippers are the perfect cozy Christmas morning gift. And on sale now! Free shipping or curbside pickup.
These L.L. Bean slipper moccasins are great for teen boys. Free shipping!
Under $60 with free shipping, and ultra cozy. Perfect for tween boys!
Slippers and sneakers in one! A great Christmas morning gift.
Minnetonka moccasin slippers, with free shipping and gift wrap.

Slippers for Children

These $20 bunny bootie slippers are great for young girls — and older ones, too!
Love this style from UGG, and they come in all different colors! Free shipping or curbside pickup, too.
These come in navy and red, too.
These slippers look so cozy!

Slippers for Babies & Toddlers 

The softest little puppy slippers. Adorable! Curbside pickup!
Love these UGG booties for the tiniest of feet. Free shipping or curbside pickup!
These Hanna Andersson slipper socks are on sale for $17! My favorite!
Another UGG favorite! Here in time for Christmas.
  There’s still plenty of time to order receive in time for Christmas — but be sure to order early so you’re able to get the sizes you need. What are your favorite slippers? Comment below! Photos: Brenna Kneiss 


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  1. May I ask which pair are the blush pink/lavender ones in the photos on the post? Love them. Can’t figure out which pair they are.. Thanks!