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Needlepoint, Christmas, and Sweet Family Traditions: All about Bauble Stockings!


bauble stockings

I love a sweet family tradition so when I discovered Bauble Stockings last January at market I knew I had to share with my readers. If you give gift cards, money, or jewelry at Christmas, definitely read on to see how this can make it even more special. Each one is truly a beautiful heirloom gift!

Needlepoint everything is making a comeback and so it’s no surprise that Bauble Stockings are going to be a popular gift on our gift guide this year. The idea started with owner Kate Stewart’s own family.

Growing up Kate’s mom always received the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she’d done that year (love that!) and her father always put the gift in a tiny needlepoint stocking that hung on the tree. Her dad called it her “Bauble Stocking” because on a good year tucked inside was a piece of jewelry.

bauble stockings

Kate loved seeing her mother’s reaction to what was inside her “bauble” stocking and has expanded on her own family tradition’s with the beautiful Bauble Stockings of many styles and patterns, many designed by well-known artists and designers. 

bauble stockings

What’s even more meaningful about these mini stockings is that they are a gift that gives back. Every Bauble Stockings purchase not only pays fair trade wages to stitchers in Haiti, but helps fund the Joan Rose Foundation, which pays the tuition for our stitchers’ 127 children to go to Haitian schools, pays their books, provides after school curriculum with 7 teachers, both breakfast and lunch meals, and rent free housing for several families.

bauble stockings

Many grandmothers and mothers are using the stockings to tuck away gift cards, checks or savings bonds. You could make a fun scavenger hunt with these stockings or come up with your own beautiful tradition year after year. If you give cash each season, this is a lovely way to present it. 

See all of the beautiful needlepoint designs here

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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