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Community is Key in 2020: Join DoSayGive For One of These Unique Opportunities!


Now more than ever people are wanting to move beyond the scroll and into a sense of community with others. One of my favorite things about DoSayGive is that we are more than just an Instagram feed. From our Motherhood Mentorship Group to our Children’s Book Club to our Teen Etiquette Workshop, in 2020 we have helped our readers find a sense of community when they couldn’t find it elsewhere. Today I am excited to share more opportunities including one for small business owners and preschool parents!

Preschool Enrichment Club!

Our official first day of the Preschool Enrichment Club starts tomorrow! If you are looking to give your 2-5 year old an enriching time at home this fall with wonderful books and cute (simple!) activities, plus a sense of community from moms around the country, you will LOVE this special little club.

If your child’s preschool is closed this fall (or even if it’s open!)  join us because we are still going to make those fun preschool memories including a “first day” printable to kick off the club. This club is flexible to work with any schedule and great for caregivers and nannies to do as well. It’s also fun to do with long distance friends. I already love seeing the posts in our private Facebook group!

Many moms are doing it even though their child is in preschool a few days a week. They want the activity and book ideas and to be part of something “normal” for their children during a year when things aren’t so normal .

To register, click here.

And if you want to learn more about the club, watch this IGTV where we talk about how the club will work and the best way to “teach” your preschoolers at home. This video will be encouraging no matter what you do with your preschooler this fall!

Holiday Prep for Success Workshop for Small Businesses!

Entrepreneurs, influencers, small business owners, makers, artists, I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for a virtual workshop to prep for this unique holiday seasonThis holiday season is unlike any we’ve entered into before and we urge you to take some focused time out of your busy schedule to learn new tools & take actionable steps to make this coming holiday season a success. 

Steph Weibring from Joy Creative Shop and I will be sharing tips on growing your online business and presence, how to succeed in social media (without huge followings!), questions to ask if you are working with an influencer, time drains to avoid, and our strategies for making the holidays successful for our brands but not at the expense of our families. Get more details about the exact topics we will cover here

Register here and go ahead and download our pre-workshop brand assessment and list of our favorite resources, apps and programs. If you can’t watch live you can watch later in the membership site!

Christmas Prep Club for Everyone Else!

I received so many questions over the weekend asking if we were going to do our Christmas Prep Club again this year and the answer is YES! This was the surprise hit on DoSayGive in 2019 and we are thrilled to bring it back in 2020 in a way that is geared to 2020!  This is a community of like-minded women to help you thoughtfully prepare for the Christmas season.

Registration will open in September. If you want to be notified when it does click here

I hope you’ll join us for one of these fun opportunities this fall! 

photos: Audrie Dollins

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