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DoSayHoliday: Christmas Prep Club is Open for Registration!

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It happens every year. The holidays sneak up on you. As much as you want to have a leisurely, meaningful Christmas season, and soak in every memory with your children, the reality is most Decembers you are frazzled, stressed, and running around town from this class party to that cookie decorating event to – oh, wait, you forgot to get a gift for your niece. Your mind is racing and your heart is not the least bit focused on the “reason for the season.”

If this story resonates with you, I am here to tell you that this year can be different, y’all. I am so excited to invite you to an intimate community of like-minded women to help you thoughtfully prepare for the Christmas season. Keep reading to find out more!

For several years now we have been sharing an Early Bird Gift Post in October (see this year’s post here, here, and here!) to help us get a head start on our gift buying and reduce the amount of errands we have to run in December.

But this year I want to go deeper with y’all. I want to take time to look at the big picture of the Christmas season before it arrives.

I want to edit out holiday tasks and occasions that bring stress, and not joy, to our family’s life. 

I want to share how our family has peace amidst what can be a season of chaos. 

I want us all to prep our homes – and our hearts – so we can truly celebrate Jesus’s birth in December. 

So I am excited to announce we are launching a Christmas Prep Club!

Little by little, throughout the fall, we are going to work through holiday prep tasks so that when December rolls around we can actually enjoy it. How nice does that sound?!

Before I get to what this Christmas Prep Club entails, let me clarify what it is not:

  • It is NOT for people that have it all together. (Quite the contrary!)
  • It it NOT a crafty/Pinterest-driven group.
  • It is not to add one more thing thing to your life, but to relieve stress by spreading out to-dos in an intentional way. (All laid out for you in a simple, methodical way!)
  • It is not rigid nor about being “perfect” at Christmas. But all in good fun, alongside a community of women with the same goals: to have an enjoyable and meaningful holiday season.

So what does the Christmas club actually entail? Click here to read more and sign up.

Y’all, in doing this group we are going to be more present with our families instead of being distracted by a never ending to do list. We are going to reset the rhythm of the Christmas season for good.

So when our children are grown they won’t look back on their childhood and think “wow, mom was always stressed and miserable during the holidays” but “Gosh, mom made our home so loving and special.”

I hope you’ll join us! Registration closes Oct. 14 at 8pm CT.

Sign up here! And watch our IGTV video for more about resetting the rhythm of Christmas. 


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