The BEST Christmas Gifts for Children!

Top Children’s Gifts!


Today I am highlighting some of my favorite children’s gifts on DoSayGive’s Holiday Gift Guide. Ideas for boys, girls, preschoolers, plus some timeless gifts y’all will love. I also updated all these guides and found new sources for some sold out favorites. Above images are clickable.

I have mentioned before how some of my friends have a three gift rule (like the three wise men) and some implement the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read” gift philosophy. I don’t have a particular method when it comes to gifts, but generally we give one big gift to each child (I like to see their eyes get wide with wonder when they come down the stairs !), one outfit or clothing item they need (coat, gloves, shoes) and then a few smaller gifts. And candy and trinkets in stockings. Oh and we give one classic Christmas book on Christmas Eve!

Big Gift Ideas

Ideas for big gifts include bikes, scooters (favorite one here), trampoline, mini bounce houses (great for preschoolers), one of those huge swings, play kitchen, dollhouse etc. One Christmas we gave our daughter this gymnastics mat. A mom with older girls told me it was a great investment – and she was right! We pull this out for playdates or when they want to do cartwheels and flips in the house. And for a big gift with the “wow factor” but without the cost, pop up play tents and tunnels are great. Several linked here:



I know it’s boring to get clothes for Christmas, but that’s what parents do, right;). My girls are getting older so thankfully they are liking clothes more.They love comfy leggings during the winter so I might grab some from Smocked Auctions. Not only do they have cute leggings but they have cute play and dress clothes that are so affordable.

These striped leggings are cute with just a white turtleneck (30% off today). Here are some picks from more favorite clothing brands:


Favorite Smaller Items: 

Definitely browse all the children’s guides for ideas but some things of note: the flag football set would be a fun for hard to shop for boys. There is also a glow-in-the-dark set on the Tween Gift Guide. We love giving toys that will last through multiple children. A wooden tool set is great for boys and how darling is this classic doctor kit?

DoSayGive’s various guides have neat options for dress-up clothes and board games.  Mark and Graham has some beautiful game sets for children and adults (25% off today!). And don’t miss this post all about our favorite games.

Every home needs a musical instrument set and this set is gorgeous (less expensive option here). Here are all the toys in the collage above:

There are so many amazing toys and gift ideas in DoSayGive’s Children’s Gifts Guides. If you haven’t browsed through yet I highly recommend. Many readers have told me they’ve done all of their holiday shopping with this guide! There are thoughtful ideas for boys, girls, preschoolers, timeless children’s gifts, stocking stuffers, and fun ideas for tween/teens.

What gifts have you found off the guide that you love? Share below!


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  1. It may have been last year, but you had a magic trick set on your kids list. Do you happen to know of one or remember that one?