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Becoming a Family Who Serves


Do you crave volunteer experiences with your children where you can serve together? So they can see first hand that it is truly better to give than to receive? I think we all want that for our children but sometimes it’s hard to know how to find those opportunities. Today we’re highlighting Dallas non-profit Bucker and their Shining Hope Campaign. No matter where you live, I hope you will be inspired to find a place to serve in your community where the needs are big!

When it comes to family volunteer outings, I often get caught up in the details or finding the “right” fit for our family and what’s convenient for us as far as time and place. And that is NOT what volunteering is about. That’s why I admire my husband so much for making sure our girls serve regularly in our community. He has a more “just do it” kind of attitude and for that I am so thankful.

One of the places he has volunteered with family and work is Buckner. Through their Family Hope Centers, Buckner works with families who strive for their children to be happy and healthy, but sometimes need help making that happen. We first heard about Buckner through our friends, John and Katie Golden.

I love this story about the Goldens and I think many of you can relate: They had been on several mission trips with their children to South Texas but wanted to find a way to serve with them on a more regular basis. That’s when Katie realized the immense needs just a few neighborhoods over.

buckner dallas volunteer with kids

Just ten minutes away from where we live in Dallas, the Bachman Lake area (just north of Love Field) is facing these statistics: 

  • 96% of the 5,400 elementary students are considered economically disadvantaged. 
  • Teen pregnancy rate of the area is three times the national average.
  • Child removal rate in this area is twice the average of the rest of Dallas County. 

For several years the Goldens have been taking their children to volunteer in the Bachman area, really plugging in to the community, and asking and encouraging their friends to do the same. We are so grateful to have been introduced to such an amazing organization that is helping meet specific needs in our community. My girls have packed Christmas laundry baskets full of necessities during the holidays and my husband has helped set up a family event with his co-workers.

I love what Katie told me about serving with her children: “We can spend a crazy amount of time talking, teaching and worrying about our children, but we found serving others does all this for us and more! It removes the worry and reminds us we are not in control. It allows God to work in their hearts and grow their faith. It takes their eyes off of  themselves and their wants! It allows them to make relationships with people who may look a little different but have the exact same wants and needs. It allows them to see the “least of these” as friends who play the same, laugh the same, and love Jesus!”

shining hope dallas volunteer

The Goldens have been active in the Shining Hope Dallas campaign that is raising money for the new Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake. Like the other Buckner Family Hope Centers, the goal of the Hope Center at Bachman Lake is to create safe and healthy homes for boys and girls and teach parents how to break generational cycles of poverty.

More than 5,000 people will receive services at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake, and 650 volunteers will help serve, along with medical and legal assistance, humanitarian aid, tutoring for children, after school care, parenting classes, and spiritual encouragement. Watch this video to learn more.

bachman lake foundation volunteer

How to Get Involved

Buckner provides many opportunities to volunteer with your family, church, or company in 10 Texas cities as well as short-term mission trips. Some of the opportunities include mentoring and tutoring, sorting food pantry donations, hosting shoe drives, building homes and more. Learn how you can volunteer at

Dallas friends, this Saturday there is a Back to School event at Bachman Lake that would be great for families! Sign up here.

Where do you volunteer with your children? Share below along with your city!


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  1. My family loves to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children packing nutritional food packs that are distributed around the world. They allow kids over age 5 with adults for 2 hr shifts. Their nearest location to you is in Richardson, TX.