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8 Ways to Bond with Your Teen Daughter this Summer

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A silver lining to this unusual spring and summer we are experiencing? You are likely getting to enjoy a little extra time with your children. Take advantage of this extra time together to bond with your teen daughter. Today I am sharing eight simple ideas for things you can enjoy together this summer – and beyond! 

1. Take a daily walk or bike ride. 

Teens tend to open up more when conversations are side by side rather than face to face, so a long walk or a leisurely bike ride might be the perfect mother/daughter pastime. 

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2. Bake or cook your way through a cookbook or favorite food blog. 

Does your daughter like to cook or bake? Elisabeth and Butter has lots of sweet treats (and a darling Instagram account!) that teen girls would probably love to try. 


3. Learn a new hobby together.

Maybe it’s the summer to teach your daughter to cross stitching or needlepoint. Better yet, ask her what she’d like to learn. You could take an online classes together to learn a new hobby or try one of the paint by number or watercolor kits in this guide. I just ordered some embroidery kits from Hibiscus Linens. More ideas in this post. 


4. Serve together.

Use your time together for good. Load cars at a local food bank or deliver meals for Meals of Wheels. 


5. Watch movies from a favorite director or with a favorite actress.

Nancy Meyers, anyone? Or maybe an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon. She might love an old t.v. show like That Girl. Pop the popcorn and share some laughter. 

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6. Shopping! 

A mother-daughter activity that never gets old! Although maybe it’s virtual or window shopping depending on restrictions in your city. It’s also a great time to scout out a new bakery with plenty of outdoor seating in your city!

If you are shopping online, be sure you and your teen daughter and following along with @dosaygiveteen on Instagram. It’s like DoSayGive but for the next generation and is filled with cute (but tasteful!) clothing for teens along with encouragement, etiquette tips and more for girls. We have lots of fun content planned for this summer that you don’t want to miss! 

7. Read a great book together. 

She might roll her eyes at the thought of you reading aloud to her but you might be surprised at how much she ends up liking this one-on-one time together. A classic book like Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility that makes her heart flutter is a great mother-daughter read. Or read a new book or a book she really wants to read. The idea is to make room for conversation without forced conversation. 


8. Blow dry her hair.

A wise mom told me that this one of the best ways her teen daughter opened up to her in high school. It gave them 20-30 minutes to talk several times a week. There is something so sweet about a mother letting a teen daughter sit and rest from the busyness and pressures of high school while she dries her hair or paints her toes. 

What things did you like to do with your mom when you were a teen? Share below!

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