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6 Tips to Get Your Teen Reading this Summer! (Plus Summer Reading Recs!)

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Slow days, relaxing vacations, and plenty of down time — summer really is the perfect time to get lost in a good book. We know it can be hard to motivate tweens and teens to read, but rest assured that it is not impossible! With the right motivation and of course a good book, you can ignite your teen’s love of reading over the course of a summertime that will last a lifetime. Today we’re sharing six tips on how to encourage them to pick up a book (instead of defaulting to their phone or tablet), and don’t miss out on signing up to receive our FREE 2023 Tween & Teen Summer Reads List filled with great book recommendations both classic and new!

6 Tips to Get Your Teen Reading this Summer

1. Give them ownership.

Take your tween or teen to the bookstore to browse shelves and let them choose a book that appeals to them (always check ratings on Goodreads or Common Sense Media before buying). This gives them a sense of ownership over what they’re reading — and ensures they choose something they’ll actually enjoy!

2. Make it fun.

Go to the library together, go on a coffee shop date to read, or take books poolside. Make the act of reading fun! For reluctant readers, a good tip is to choose books with movie adaptations that they can watch after they finish — a movie night with favorite snacks is a great reward!

3. Model reading at home.

Create a family culture of readers. If your child sees you spending your time reading instead of flipping through Netflix or scrolling on your phone, they’ll follow in your footsteps. 

4. Encourage them to start a book club.

Everyone loves a book club, so why not encourage your tween or teen to start one with friends? This is a great way to connect with people over the summer. Have them choose a book together (or recommend one from our 2023 Tween & Teen Summer Reads List) and meet every couple of weeks to discuss what they’ve read and have fellowship — and be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand! Or check your local library because many have teen or tween book clubs or challenges. 

5. Bring books along on vacation.

We love a good beach read, and so do tweens and teens! Be sure to pack a more leisurely read (perhaps one they chose on your trip together to the bookstore) so that it doesn’t seem like a chore. And audiobooks can be a great family experience on road trips. 

6. Check their summer school reading list.

If they have books to read for school ahead of the new year, set a weekly reading goal now so you’re not scrambling in August (AKA the week before school starts). And since everyone loves a little motivation, decide on a “prize” if they read it and meet their goal. A pair of shoes they’ve had their eye on, a special dinner, a fun night with friends — you know your child and what motivates them best!

Be sure to download our 2023 Tween & Teen Summer Reading list below!


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