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5 Tips for Being a Gracious Holiday Party Guest


Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us! I started DoSayGive to help women be lovely and gracious in everything they do, say, and give so today I want to share my top 5 gracious etiquette tips for attending holiday parties.

1. Always RSVP: Always RSVP to any party or gathering you are invited to! Whether it is a verbal invitation, paper invitation or paperless invitation, replying in a timely manner I s the most thoughtful thing we can do for someone planning a party. Try to RSVP as soon as you receive an invitation OR make a note to remind yourself so that You don’t forget.

2. Don’t “drop in” to a seated dinner: There can be so many parties to attend during the holiday season that party hopping is sometimes necessary. But never “drop by” a formal seated dinner. If you cannot attend, just kindly regret.

3. Hold your tongue: It’s the season for peace (not war!) so be gracious in all conversations, even ones with topics you may not agree. And especially if you are a guest in someone’s home. It’s always good to practice the fine art of steering the conversation to a topics that suits the occasion.

4. Always offer your assistance: Many hosts will decline your offer to clean up at the end of a party or bring in dishes from the patio, but it is always gracious to offer to help.

5. Bring a hostess gift: If you are invited into someone’s home this holiday season, bringing a hostess gift is a thoughtful gesture to show your gratitude. The gift doesn’t need to be big or expensive – a standard bottle of wine is fine – but it’s a small gift is a simple way to say thank you! We have an entire Hostess Gift Guide to help!

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