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10 Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Husband


I’m a romantic at heart. So I love it when my husband surprises me with a fun night out or leaves a thoughtful note for me before a business trip.

But I know romance can go both ways so today’s post is for the ladies. This post may be the perfect little push to surprise your husband this month with something fun and unexpected.

Most of these are so easy to do but can mean so much!

1. Stick a post it “love” note in his wallet.

He’ll see it sometime during the day and smile:).

2. Look him in the eye and give him a sincere compliment.

When is the last time you told him he looked dashing?

3. Surprise him with his favorite meal or favorite dessert!

Food = love!

4. Sneak him a passionate kiss before he leaves for work.

He’ll sure to have a pep in his step the rest of the morning!

5. Write him a love letter.

Take the time to write down all the things you love about him. The things that made you fall in love with him at first and the things that you adore now.

6.  Send him a flirty text.

A few emoji kisses can go a long way!

7. Buy him a thoughtful gift.

Remember, gift giving is a love language!

8. Ask him on a lunch date or to meet you at home for lunch.

Make him lunch and maybe get in a few more kisses!

9. Plan a date night with something he’d love to do.

Think a sporting event, a lecture series, the shooting range, or maybe Top Golf! We have some great experience gift ideas here.

10. Wear pretty lingerie when he leasts expects it.

Did you browse our annual Be Lovely at Night post? We have beautiful pajamas and lingerie!

And for great gift ideas browse our Valentine’s Gift Guide for Men!




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