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Be Lovely at Night (Our Annual Pajama Roundup!)



So many readers through the years have told me that they were inspired by one of our ‘Be Lovely at Night’ posts. I’m sharing the story behind the original post again today for all our new readers plus the loveliest pajamas, nightgowns, and intimates we found!

I’ll never forget, a year or so after we were married, my husband and I were visiting my grandparents. One morning I came downstairs in a washed out sorority t-shirt and dingy flannel pajama pants. It was no coincidence that a few days later my refined Southern grandmother called me up and had the “don’t let yourself go, Lee” talk. At least not when I was 23 years old. Ha!

At first I was defensive. (“He loves me no matter what I wear!”)

But I eventually came to agree with the ideals of my grandmother. I believe it’s important for both men and women to make every effort to present our best selves to our significant others and keep the flame alive, so to speak.  And Vacation Bible School volunteer t-shirts every night just don’t cut it. Ha!

It also makes us feel better about ourselves to wear pretty things. I’m not saying I never wear t-shirts to bed, but it does make me feel better to wear actual pajamas. So every February around Valentine’s Day I write a charge to myself and others (because those ratty t-shirts do tend to creep in our pajama circulation!) and share some beautiful pajama options. This year there are so many pretty nightgowns that I just | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen

All of the ones above are great for nightly wear (especially if you have children in the house!) but if you to surprise your husband with something a little more fun for Valentine’s below, see below!

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2 thoughts on “Be Lovely at Night (Our Annual Pajama Roundup!)

  1. Lee, I just love how you titled this post. It is encouraging to me! How you handled this topic is truly gracious and beautiful. Thank you for the reminder! 😉