Introducing Wildflower Heirlooms...And What is a Daygown

All About Daygowns…Introducing Wildflower Heirlooms


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I have readers all over the country so I often get questions about some of my Southern tendencies. One of them being daygowns. An explanation below as well as a lovely new company you need to know for heirloom baby gifts and special occasion pieces.

A day gown is a gender-neutral garment used to dress infant and babies. Note the gender-neutral part. Yes, boys can wear day gowns, too. As my mother says, babies need to dress like babies (i.e. not little adults!). Day gowns aren’t trendy, aren’t old-fashioned. Just simply timeless.

Now your husband might scoff at the idea of putting your baby boy in a gown, but it was actually quite common to do so up until the mid- 20th century. We are reminded of this tradition on our favorite  Masterpiece Theater shows. But it was not just an upperclass thing. It was more of a practical thing. (Hello, diaper changes). And many Southern mamas still carry on this tradition today. When you see Louise in day gowns, it is not because I am trying to impress, but oftentimes it’s just easier.

My grandmother made several day gowns for my girls but it is truly a lost art. So I was so happy to learn about Wildflower Heirlooms, a company featuring heirloom day gowns, handmade in Dallas by a small group of skilled seamstresses. 

heirloom day gown heirloom day gown

heirloom day gown

heirloom day gown

Wildflower Heirlooms was inspired by the owner’s grandmother and learning to sew at her hill country home. Each dress is delicately made of fine Swiss cotton and French lace using techniques like lace insertion and hand embroidery. Look at the details on Louise’s gown…

A gown from Wildflower Heirlooms would be such a lovely baby gift, coming home outfit, even baptismal gown. And are something that can be passed down to sisters, cousins, and granddaughters.

Every gown comes with a card that tells all about the intricate details of the dress, making it all the more special to give as a gift.

heirloom baby gift

Wildflower Heirlooms are available online (inventory is always being updated) and at Layette in Dallas. They also offer custom day gowns. And all can be monogrammed in that sweet hand embroidery. Email inquiries to

Thank you Wildflower Heirlooms for this precious gift.


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