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Where to Buy Beautiful Tablecloths


spring tablecloth

I love my little collection of tablecloths. Over time I’ve collected casual, frilly, antique and even second-hand tablecloths. I’ve used them for dinner parties, picnics, baby showers and birthday parties – or just to cover up scratches on my dining room table until my table could be refinished! Since tablecloths have made a comeback in the lifestyle industry I wanted to share some of the ones I’ve collected over the years as well as some recent discoveries –  plus I’m sharing the type of one tablecloth every lady needs in her home!

floral tablecloth
Sources linked at the bottom of the post.

Like so many homemaking lessons I’ve gleaned from my grandmother and mother, I’ve learned that you never give things like nice linens away during an organizing spree. If cared for properly, tablecloths can be passed down to your children or grandchildren some day. I have linen tablecloths that are probably over 100 years old! 

Easter tablescape
An Easter table from a few years ago.

And even though they might go out of style for awhile, what’s old will always be new again, right? As we saw in 2020 as the much of the world hunkered down at home, many fell in love with the art of setting a beautiful table. We realized we don’t need to wait until a dinner party to do that. We can enjoy the beauty and interest of a lovely table when it’s just our family. What a gift that is to them, tucking little memories away at every meal.  

India Mory tablecloth
Our recent Christmas table

Caring for Tablecloths

As for tablecloth care, I wash most of my “everyday” linens in the washing machine. If a stain gets on one I spot clean immediately and sometimes let sit overnight before washing. I often send my large tablecloths the dry cleaner, especially after a dinner party. They come back pressed and ready to store until the next event! 

Tip: It is okay to ask to borrow tablecloths from a friend, but always return in excellent, clean condition from the dry cleaners. 

The One Tablecloth Everyone Needs

Whether your style is traditional, modern or a mixture of both, a white or ivory tablecloth will serve you well through the years. First a sign of prosperity when tablecloths came onto the scene in the middle ages, now white and ivory tablecloths are the foundation of a linen closet. You can layer with any china, colored napkins. You can add a table runner. A plain tablecloth will take you from Christmas to Easter to baby showers and so many occasions in between.

Rustic fall table from our time in Colorado.

Where to Buy Tablecloths

We’ve linked several of my go-to sources below but you can also find at antique stores. Other more affordable sources for tablecloths include Home Goods and I’ve even scored some at the Goodwill! And sometimes for parties I don’t even use tablecloths. I’ve used floral sheets for children’s parties and for this children’s Thanksgiving table I used a plaid throw!

On that note, if you are having a party and have need for multiple tablecloths check your local rental company. It can be very reasonable especially if you pick up in person and save on delivery charges. 

children's thanksgiving table
This is a throw blanket!

More Sources:

Pink Tablecloths


Blue Tablecloths: 

White and Ivory Tablecloths: 

Yellows and Greens: 

Table Runners: 



Blue and White Table

Floral table: tablecloth, candlesticks, vases, flatware, blue wine glasses, plates (similar)

Spring plaid Easter table:

Christmas table: Tablecloth from India Mory (currently out of stock)

Refreshment Table

Fall Pale Blue Table

Children’s Thanksgiving Table

Outdoor Thanksgiving Table


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  1. Thank you for this, Lee! I would love a future post on things that you shouldn’t give away when organizing- things that, when cherished and passed down, can make a beautiful heirloom! That totally peaked my interest!