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What To Do: When Your Child Wants To Toilet Paper a House (And A GREAT Alternative!)


toilet papered houseEvery weekend as I’m driving around town I see so many houses whose front yards are just covered in toilet paper. I feel so sorry for those homeowners because it looks like such a nightmare to clean up! So I thought it would be worthwhile to explore the “etiquette” of toilet papering a home and tell you about a great alternative that the children in Dallas are going nuts over (as well as a fun giveaway for DoSayGive readers!)

I know some moms don’t let their children go toilet papering at all. Others do, but with some rules. My children aren’t old enough for this to be an issue for me, but I know it will one come up one day. So here are some Dos/Don’ts to consider:

DO call ahead and ask the parents. They may be totally laid back about it or may not want any part of it. Regardless, it’s a polite thing to do (and better than them spotting you hightailing it out of their neighborhood in your Suburbran full of boys!)

DO make your child go back the next morning and help clean up the mess. It’s all in good fun, but they need to be responsible, too.

DON’T let your child do it as a way to pick on another child. It should be done only in good humor to friends.

DON’T try to be the cool mom. I’ve heard of moms in Dallas who take their children’s friends toilet papering almost every weekend. Trust me, this isn’t cute or funny.

Okay so now for the super-fun and easier alternative: it’s called Tag Flags. And it’s become so popular in Dallas lately so I want to share this growing trend my with readers.

Think about Tag Flags as a never-ending game of tag between children. Instead of toilet papering people’s homes, children are “tagging” their friends and classmates during the night with these Tag Flags and Tag Tape. Once someone has been “tagged” they can reuse the flags to “tag” someone else!


It is so much for fun for the children to guess and wonder who tagged them and it is all in good fun. Together with the coordinating “You’ve Been Tagged” tape, Tag Flags give children that dramatic effect they love seeing with the toilet paper BUT it is so much easier to clean up the next day. (The boys love it because it looks like police tape!)


Tag Flags has a variety of themed flags available – including New Baby and a soon-to-be-released holiday-themed flag. I used a tube of Happy Birthday Tag Flags to line the walkway for my daughter’s birthday party last weekend. We also had the Halloween ones, too, and “tagged” a friend’s house with them.


The benefit of using Tag Flags: it is so much easier to clean up! And it doesn’t matter if it rains either. In fact, you can leave them out for days (or weeks!)


What I love about Tag Flags is that it’s not some dorky thing your children are going to roll their eyes when you suggest it. I’m telling you, children and teens of all ages love it.


A tube of 25 Tag Flags is just $10 and the coordinating Tag Tape is $15. You can order online from their etsy store: (click here) – order by a Tuesday if you need them in time for a weekend sleepover! If you are In Dallas, you can buy the Tag Flags at Learning Express-SniderPlaza, Swoozie’s, and Layette.

Would you like to try a set of these Tag Flags? Well, the company is giving a way a “Sleepover Set” of Tag Flags that includes 4 tubes (that’s 100 flags!) plus a roll of “You’ve Been Tagged” Tape. Make sure you are following DoSayGive on Facebook because that’s where the giveaway is happening. All you have to do is:

1. Like DoSayGive and Tag Flags on Facebook.

2. Share the Tag Flag post on Facebook.

3. Comment below  (or on Facebook) your thoughts on this topic!

Contest ends Tuesday, November 18th at 10 CST (U.S. residents only).

Happy Tagging!

Source: Tag Flags on Etsy

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19 thoughts on “What To Do: When Your Child Wants To Toilet Paper a House (And A GREAT Alternative!)

  1. We used Tag Flags in the yard for my daughter’s birthday. She was so excited the next morning to find our yard covered in Happy Birthday Flags! Love the idea and the affordable price.

  2. Fun and different! My kids wanted to boo someone for halloween and we never got to it! This can be done all year round!

  3. This is so fun and a great alternative to toilet paper…yuck! Thank you for posting – my kids are nearing the age of this type of entertainment. 🙂

  4. Lighten up! A little
    toilet paper on bushes and trees
    Is not the “end of the world.”
    It’s a compliment!!!
    It should only be done to
    CELEBRATE ? some kind of victory or accomplishment. It gets everyone outside and off their electronics to help clean up.

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