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What I Packed for My Girls for Our Beach Adventure

Motherhood and Children

Last week I showed you everything I brought with me to Florida, and now I’m going to share my favorite items for my girls! I wanted to find a good mix of casual pieces that they could mix and match, and a couple of beach dresses for family photos. And, as with all children’s clothing, machine washable is a must! Below you’ll find classic picks that will work all summer long — no matter where your summer adventures may take you and many of them are on sale today because J.Crew is having a big 25% off sale! Use the code COUNTDOWN at checkout. Happy shopping!


These come in so many pretty patterns!
Perfect beach dress and $40!
Casual and cute from J.Crew. Could be a cover up, too!
This is cute for tweens!

Louise’s Play Clothes:

25% off today!
Always need these!
25% off today!
25% off today!

Casual and Cute for My 8 Year Old:

So cute with white shorts!
These drawstring shorts come in several colors.
This is a great basic tee we have in several colors.
Classic stripes with white shorts!

Tween Outfits:

Cute with white jeans, too!
These also come in several cute colors.
That cute shirt again!
These run super big! Size down at least one size.

Louise’s Swimsuits:

Target for the win!
Cute from TBBC!
Matching sister at H & M!
Cutest cover up!

Older Girls’ Swimsuits:

Several cute patterns in this!
H & M!
Love this from Target!
Also Target!


Love these!
Cute from Target!
We also like Tyler's tees!
Fun sneakers!


So soft and comfy!
Comes in two colors!
Love these sweet little flowers!


Comfy pjs from Gap!
So sweet for matching.
I have the matching women's night gown!
Smocked Auctions!


These come in pink and blue, too!
Love these jellys!
Cute from J.Crew!
25% off today!


Cute from Gap!
Love a sweet bonnet!
On sale!
Also comes in pink tie dyed.

Be sure to browse our full guide to 30A Florida here and my packing list here

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