What I Gave My Daughter's Nurses

What I Gave My Daughter’s Nurses



I often receive emails asking me for thoughtful gift ideas for labor and delivery nurses. I think I came up with the perfect thing! I reached out to my friends at L’Occitane to help me surprise my daughter’s NICU nurses with this gift, but it’s one any nurse would love to receive!

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I have spent a lot of time with nurses over the past few months. Labor and Delivery nurses (three times over!), Antepartum and Postpartum nurses and, of course, NICU nurses. One thing I learned is that food is always a welcome group gift. My husband was good about ordering pizza for the antepartum night nurses. My sweet friend Whitney would bring donuts or bagels when she visited me in the mornings. While Louise was in the NICU during lunch time, I would ask the nurse assigned to her that day if I could bring her something to eat or even something as simple as a Vanilla Diet Coke;). For postpartum nurses and techs, it’s nice to have a basket of cookies in your room (J.D.’s are my fave in Dallas) and offer them one. Bottom line: food is always welcome! (Although preferably not homemade – it’s a germ thing; food made in a professional kitchen often makes nurses feel better).

But when thinking about individual gifts for those nurses, I admit that it’s hard to find something special for a nurse you maybe don’t know that well. I thought long and hard about what to give Louise’s NICU nurses and then it hit me.

Nurses are washing their hands and sanitizing every surface in sight all day in a very sterile environment. Their hands must be so dry! So why not give them the number one selling hand cream in the world. After all, who doesn’t like a little hand cream in their handbag? Not only does it moisturize so well, but a little dab of beautifully scented L’Occitane hand cream makes you just so fresh and pleasant at the end of a long day.

l'occitane hand cream

When I asked L’Occitane if they’d be willing to partner with me on giving ten of Louise’s nurses some hand cream, they immediately responded. They not only said yes, but treated these amazing nurses each with over $140 in luxurious skincare products!

Of course they sent their famous (full-size) hand cream, but also cuticle oil, lip balm, hand and body wash, foot cream, and comforting cream. It made me so happy to spoil these nurses – they totally deserve gifts  and so much more for ALL they do each day.


When thinking about a gift for your labor and delivery nurse, a full-size hand cream would make a thoughtful or L’Occitane has so many cute gift sets that include their best-selling hand cream. Like this Hand Cream Trio ($30) or this Shea Butter Lip and Hands Set on sale for $17! Both are packaged so beautifully that really you just need to add a ribbon and a card:


You will come in contact with a lot of nurses during your hospital stay, so I would have a few gifts on hand for the nurses that really go above and beyond. Another thing I highly recommend: take the time to fill out the cards they have at the front desk so the nurses gets recognized professionally, too.

Thank you so much to L’Occitane!

Did you get your nurses anything when you delivered your baby? Share what you did below and I might include them in another post.


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8 thoughts on “What I Gave My Daughter’s Nurses

  1. We brought a big box of nothing bundt cakes (the small size) and offered to each person that came in the room the entire stay. My anesthesiologist had two! That was the least we could do to thank them for all that they do!

  2. I received so many beautiful floral arrangements (my room seemed to turn into a flower shop) when I had my daughter. I was so appreciative and wanted to share these beautiful flowers with the nurrses. So my sweet husband took pictures of each arrangement with the respected card; so I could treasure and send thank you’s later. My husband then went delivering to all the nurses stations throughout the hospital. I did take several arrangements home, too.