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Valentine’s Day Gifts She Wants!



I am sharing my Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her today. This is a post you might want to pass along as a hint, hint. And there are great ideas for your friends, sisters, or grown daughters, too!

As many of you know, I have started an email list for husbands and boyfriends. Subscribers will only receive 4-5 emails a year –  once before Valentine’s Day, one before Mother’s Day, and two or three emailat Christmas. I am so excited about the number of men who have signed up! (I am giving away two Yeti Ramblers on February 1st so I am sure that helps!).

If your husband is signed up for this list he will receive easy-to-shop gift ideas that you will love as well as tips for being thoughtful and romantic throughout the year. So sign him up here if you haven’t already – and be sure to tell him you did so he “confirms” the subscription. If nothing else he can unsubscribe after the Yeti giveaway is over;).

Now I realize Valentine’s Day can mean just a card and flowers for some couples, or an all out “splurge” gift for others (like that YSL crossbody pictured above!). So I’ve found lovely gifts in a wide variety of price ranges to help all my readers (and their husbands!) find something thoughtful for their loved ones. And there are lots of cute gifts for friends as well. For example, how great is this Barrington Gifts accessories case?

Source: Barrington Gifts

The price starts at $42 and can be customized in so many darling ways – this one is the monogram stripe in the Chequers pattern. Sale Update: Use code LOVE10 at for 10% off sitewide through midnight on February 3rd! This includes all their cute totes and weekender bags, too!

I’ve linked all my Valentine’s Day Gift picks below. Note: most of the totes/bags linked below come in other colors besides what’s shown. I just went with pink and red for a lot of them because it is Valentine’s Day after all! Oh and how darling is that new Liberty tote? Reminds me slightly of a Goyard tote but not quite so expensive!  And if you already have a tote you love, you may want this initial bag charm with tassel to hang on it- so cute and such a great price for a fabulous gift!


Now I need to know: what are your favorites from this list? I will be sure to highlight any super popular ideas to the husbands in their email! And, remember: you can access this guide anytime from the GIFT GUIDE drop down menu on my home page. I will be adding more ideas throughout the next few weeks!

Stay tuned for gifts for guys. And don’t forget to get him a thoughtful card – I’ve found the best here.





Photos: Neiman Marcus; Barrington Gifts




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