The Do's and Don'ts When Vacationing with Others

The Do’s and Don’ts When Vacationing with Others


Are you going on vacation with friends or family this summer? Or perhaps you’re going to be a guest in someone’s vacation home? Peruse these quick tips to make sure you are as gracious as you can be!

1. Temper expectations.

With lots of people there is bound to be differences in routines, eating habits, spending habits, child rearing, and so on. It might behoove everyone to communicate ahead of time about anything that might be an “issue.” Regardless, have the mindset from the beginning to be agreeable. A flexible traveler is an enjoyable companion!

2. Tidy up after yourself and your family.

And pitch in even if you didn’t make the mess. If you are staying in a vacation property, things like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, or sweeping the sand off the floor are helpful and appreciated.

3. Mind your children.

For example, don’t sleep in while other adults take care of your little ones. And monitor your older ones’ media, especially if they are around younger ones. It’s probably a good idea to brush up on manners with your children before you go and be clear with your expectations of them. (Follow our Gracious Manners series for this one!)

Tip: Consider taking turns watching the children so everyone gets a date night!

4. Don’t monopolize the washing machine.

Or anything else for that matter. Make sure everyone has a chance to do laundry and, just like in college, don’t leave your wet clothes in the washer all day long!

5. Cover up.

Everyone’s in close quarters. Bring appropriate pajamas and ideally a robe. Your husband, too.

6. Be thoughtful when it comes to splitting the dinner bill.

And let it go if you get the short end of the stick. Sometimes you have to go along to get along. (See #1). Grocery delivery apps are great for vacationing families because everyone can order what they need for their family. (But obviously don’t be stingy with that food!)

7. Don’t leave the baby monitor screen in the other room!

Fellow travelers might hear something you don’t want them to;).

8. Closely guard your iPhone charger.

Charger theft is a real issue on group vacations after all. Kidding! But my how they seem to disappear! Reduce the risk (and children’s arguments!) by labeling your charger then you will have zero qualms about graciously lending to those who did not.


9. If you’re staying in someone’s home, bring a hostess gift or send a thank you gift post vacation.

Our hostess gift guide has lots of ideas or these personalized tumblers would be cute to bring to all your friends on vacay. Of course a note of thanks would be appreciated as well!

What tips would you add to this post? Or if you have any fun stories of vacationing with others share below!


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