Simple Under $15 Birthday Gifts for Children

Simple Under $15 Birthday Gifts for Children!


under $15 birthday gifts

I have been shouting it from the rooftops for years: You can find really thoughtful children’s gifts for under $15 — and sometimes for under $10! Let’s go back to the days when a fresh pack of colored pencils or a beautiful picture book is perfectly sufficient for a children’s birthday party gift. Our Under $15 Quick Ship Gift Guide is full of these types of things!

We’ve pulled together a list of non-junky, enriching, useful gifts for children at low price points. Even better — most ship via Amazon Prime, so you can get them in two days or even same day! We also recently launched our Amazon shop and have so many great gifts for children on there (and gift wrapping, too!). So if you’re in a bit of a pinch for time, be sure to take a look!

Before you do anything else, bookmark our Under $15 Gift Guide so you can reference it any time you need a gift!

Some of the simplest but best ideas on the guide: Pair a sketchbook with colored pencils or paints, paper dolls, a classic book or two, card games, a great CD for the car, a big supply of Perler beads, and markers.

Remember, parents appreciate long-lasting gifts. Things their children will actually use at some point and not another trinket or toy. We have lots of those on the guide.

Head to the guide now and be sure to bookmark it!

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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