Spring Essential: Trench Coats on Sale!

Spring Essential: Trench Coats (On Sale!)


imageI had every intention of writing my “March gift picks” post today during nap time. But I’m just not feeling it. This dreary weather is making me sleepy and not in the mood to sit at my computer and try to be clever in my writing. So as I was linking some trench coats for my liketoknow.it Instagram post a few minutes ago I noticed that a lot of these are on sale. Solution: short blog post on sale trench coats!

No matter how drab I feel on rainy days, something about a classic belted trench coat makes me feel so much more put together. (Hunter boots alway help, too!)

Here are some great trench coats that will instantly make you feel better about yourself on those rainy days when your hair is flat and your mood is “comme çi come ça”:




My t-shirt is in stores at Anthropologie,  but here are some other chic tees to pair with your trench and boots!




And if you don’t have Hunter boots, here are some (click on link for more colors). This may sound crazy but I have had mine for over eight years! Way before it was cool to own a pair of Hunter wellies (as the English call them!). Someday I will have to tell  the story about how I came to own them, but just know that they really are durable and hold up well over the years!




And I just saw the Williams-Sonoma is having 20% off their Spring wreaths today. A wreath would make a great gift for someone moving into a new home or for your in laws if they are hosting Easter and you just want to send them a nice something beforehand. It would also make a nice thank you gift to someone who has helped you out recently.



And if you are new to the blog and wondering what liketoknow.it is, it’s a tool on Instagram that lets users shop what they see in the photo. You sign up with your email address and whenever you like a photo on Instagram with the “liketoknow.it” hashtag you will receive an email with all the products links in that photo. I usually try to link on my blog whatever I post with liketoknow.it, but sometimes I don’t if I am rushed for time. If you are interested, you can sign up here: www.liketoknow.it.com.

Happy Tuesday!





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Jeans: Anthropologie

Trench Coat: London Fog

T-Shirt: Anthropologie (Sold out online but in some stores). Similar one here.

Boots: Hunter classic boots


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