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Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Loved Ones and Friends


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It’s often difficult to know what the best thing to do is when a friend or loved one experiences loss. What we’ve come to realize over the years is that, often, there is not one “right” thing to do — the best thing is to simply show up and love them well. Now, this can look different depending on the person. But a universal way to show up and express your love, support, and care is by giving a gift. So today we’re sharing some incredibly thoughtful ideas from our Sympathy Gift Guide for both adults and children. 

red cardinal sympathy gift

Did you know that the red cardinal has long been a symbol of lost loved ones? The beautiful acrylic cardinals and doves from Fig & Dove make such unique yet meaningful sympathy gifts. They would be so pretty hung on a door wreath or to use an ornament during the holidays. Fig and Dove has so many beautiful gifts for all occasions and offers gift wrapping which makes sending long distance gifts very easy. 

Southern Baked Chicken Pot Pie

Sending food to a grieving family is a long held tradition and incredibly helpful. We have several recommendations for sending food long distance on our Sympathy Gift Guide, but one of our go-to sources for beautiful packaging and comforting dinners is Southern Baked Pie. They ship quickly and have several savory and sweet options.

Many of the gifts on our guide are appropriate to send shortly after someone’s passing or even months later. Gifts like Bottle of Tears would be so meaningful memento on a year anniversary of a loved one’s death. Anne Neilson’s coffee table books are one of my most recommended sympathy gifts. 

Below you’ll find more gift ideas for adults as well as children. We’ve included gifts both large and small, because different situations call for different gifts. Just remember that the act speaks louder than words.  We’ve all experienced loss and hard times — and know just how much it means to receive a small gift and kind words from people we know!

A beautiful Herend cross to display.
Pair the comfort Scripture cards with this acrylic frame.
A locket with a photo is so meaningful.
Have family and friends share memories with this meaningful keepsake gift from Boombox.

This red acrylic cardinal is a symbol of loved ones gone before us.
Anne Neilson paintings are so powerful.
A beautiful pocket frame they can can take anywhere.
A bountiful and beautiful box of sustenance.

A small gift that means so much.
Chicken pot pie is so comforting.
Wind chimes might be soothing to an adult or child.
Tiny Tag's Scripture Cards are so encouraging.
These little angels are so sweet and comforting.
Sally Lloyd Jones has a sweet book.
Reminder that God is always with them and comforting to hold.
A beautiful book about seeing our loved ones again some day.

One more thing: don’t forget to include a sympathy note with your gift. You can find our post on Writing a Proper Sympathy Card here.

If you have any gift ideas to share with the DoSayGive community on what to send to a loved one during difficult times, please let us know below!


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3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Loved Ones and Friends

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on sympathy notes and cards. It is very much appreciated. I have found the Honey Baked Ham company to be a good source for sending food. They are not an inexpensive gift but one that is well received! Also, if the deceased is a Catholic, mass cards are a very good option. You can purchase them online or at your local parish. A loved one is remembered in a Catholic mass. The one common thread in extending sympathy is that even a small gesture is welcome. It’s never too late!