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Thoughtful Middle School Graduation Gifts!


We’ve shared a lot of special graduation gifts for high school and college graduates but we’ve yet to share gifts for those graduating from middle school! Today we rounded up middle school graduation gifts in all price points. Transitioning from eighth to ninth grade is a big move so many of the ideas are things they can use in high school. Keep reading to browse!

A Roller Rabbit pencil bag is a great $40 gift.
A clear phone case can hold his ID, too!
How about a new backpack for high school!
A new devotional for teens that offers daily encouragement.
Airpods are a high school essential.
Owalla water bottles are the new popular water bottle!
These grad gift card holders hold cash, too!
A Dyson air wrap is a WOW gift for a girl going into high school. She will use it!
A nicer crossbody for the weekends.
Every boy needs a nice wallet.
A computer is a great 8th grade gift.
Golden Goose or dupes are a fun gift she'll wear with dresses, too.
A great read for forming good habits from the get go!
New stationery for all the thank you notes!
A new bulletin board for all the high school memories they are about to make.
A cute jewelry case to hold a special piece of jewelry.

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