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The Sweetest DIY Heart Topiary!


As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I wanted a DIY projects that’s equal parts festive, tasteful, and oh so easy. I love to add fresh greenery around my home — even better if it’s on theme for whatever holiday is up next! I also love all of the heart wreaths that you can find in stores and online right now (shop my favorites below!). So, I created an arrangement that’s the best of both worlds! And, the best part is that you don’t have to have a green thumb to make it. 

I’ve outlined all of the steps below, as well as the materials you’ll need. This would be perfect in your own home, and even better given as a gift! If you’re looking for a little something to give to your children’s teacher for Valentine’s Day, or to a neighbor or friend, then this would be perfect paired with a gift card or sweet treat. You could also make one with your children to give to grandparents! 

Read through the five easy steps below, and be sure to tag us @DoSayGive on Instagram when you create yours!

Step 1: Gather materials.

A quick stop at Michaels and your local nursery will get you what you need!

  • 6-7″ pot. I repurposed a 6.75″ pot I had on hand, but you can find something similar at a local garden store or order online here! A 6-7″ size is best so the heart will fit snugly. Make sure you have floral wire and moss, too! 
  • 3 small ivy plants. Choose plants with the longest vines you can find!
  • Floral wire. Cut into 3″ strips (about 8-10 strips total).
  • Moss.
  • Grapevine heart wreath.

Step 2: Pot plants.

Pull away some dirt from the bottom of each ivy plant and place in the pot. Space equally from each other as if the pot is cut into thirds. 

Step 3: Wedge grapevine heart wreath in center of pot.

It will wobble a little — that’s okay! We will stabilize with moss at the end. 

Step 4: Wrap vines around wreath.

Take one vine and gently wrap around the wreath until you get to the end. Take a piece of floral wire and bend around the vine, tucking sharp ends into the wreath. Repeat, making sure you go in different directions with the vine. If you have a lot of excess, you can trim the vines. I like a bit of a wild look with my arrangements!

Step 5: Top with moss.

Top the pot with moss. Stick moss under the grapevine wreath to add support and prop it up a bit. You can also cut two small pieces of floral styrofoam and put on each side of the pot under the wreath to give additional support. This would be a good idea if you are transporting the arrangement for a gift! Otherwise, if you are enjoying at home, the moss is enough support for an arrangement on a kitchen or coffee table.

Tip: The vine will continue to grow so you may need to keep pinning the ends to “train” the vine. 

Below are a few other heart wreaths that I love — already made and ready to go!


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