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The Solution for Every Bad Gift-Giver

Source: Megan Mueller-Weaver

I don’t know about you, but my husband does not share my passion for gift-giving and receiving. It’s just not his so-called ‘love language’. But for years I couldn’t get that through my head…

Early in our marriage I can remember being so disappointed after opening a birthday or Christmas gift and realizing that he had not, in fact, been able to read my mind to know what I had wanted. Nor had he been able to come up with the perfect, incredibly thoughtful, most-amazing-gift-ever all on his own. And I would take it very personally!

This is the thing: we want our loved ones to “just know” what to buy us. There’s absolutely nothing romantic about telling someone exactly what you want, where to buy it, and “hey, why don’t I just buy it cause I’m sure you’ll get the wrong thing anyway.” But unless your better half is like my brother-in-law – who gives the most fantastic gifts to my sister time and time again (just a hint of jealousy there!) – I think most men do struggle with gift-giving.

So here’s my solution: I want DoSayGive to not only be a place for women to get fabulous gift ideas, but men as well. I would love to get to a point where you can tell your husband or boyfriend (or maybe your parents, too!), when they ask you what you want for your birthday or Christmas: “Anything on DoSayGive would be great!”

How great would it be for your loved one to scroll through DoSayGive’s Instagram feed and pick out a wonderful gift for you from a refined list of fabulous wares and goods? He feels good about choosing something you would like on his own (rather than you just telling them!) and you are thrilled when you open it. It’s a win, win!  Whether it’s a $10 “just because” gift or a fancy present for a special occasion, I want DoSayGive to help make everyone more thoughtful in their gift-giving.

So here’s my first one: a gift that I would love to for my husband to give me if he were going to splurge on our anniversary or Christmas present is a Clare Vivier clutch.

Lee_09You probably have seen celebrities carry one of these clutches before and just not known what it was. (Now you do!)

Katie Holmes with a Clare V. clutch. (Source: Wishbone)

I love Clare Vivier bags because they are incredibly beautiful and well-made, but also because they tell a wonderful story. In 2006, Los Angeles-based Clare Vivier was a freelance write and couldn’t find a laptop bag that both was functional and pretty – so she made one for herself! With no experience in the fashion world she proceeded to start her handbag company from scratch, learning the textile industry as she went.

Clare Vivier in Vanity Fair, 2013.

Eight years later Clare Viver has created a fabulous brand that is unique all on its own: French-inspired, tailored, and classic – all qualities that attract the chicest of chic women. (Refined ones, included!).

Lee_07_cropI think a clutch makes a great gift because it’s something any woman can and will use. I particularly love the Clare V. fold-over clutch because it’s different. It makes even jeans and a tee look so put together:

pink peonies
Source: Proper Peonies

I love that these clutches come in a variety of fabrics, leathers, and colors so the person buying you a gift can choose one that suits your personality. You can have them monogrammed, too!

claire vivier colors
Source: James Dry Goods

Claire V. foldover clutches start at $113 and go up in price depending on the material. I chose the leopard foldover clutch ($220) because, didn’t you know, leopard is the new neutral?

Here are some more great styles:


Source: Megan Mueller-Weaver

So what do you think? Will you share DoSayGive with the special someone in your life. Come December 25th or your next birthday, I bet you will be so glad you did!

Happy Giving!






Dress: Anthropologie

Jewelry: Neely Phelan Jewelry

Shoes: Nine West at DSW

Clutch: Clare Vivier



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