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The necessity of a thank you note



Who doesn’t delight in getting a beautifully hand-written thank you note in their mailbox? I do not need to plead this case.

But with the temptation to check off our to do list in a hurry, there are those that will send a quick thank you email. To that I’d like to say: don’t even bother. To me it’s like saying: “I don’t appreciate your thoughtfulness enough to take the time to sit down and write a short note of gratitude.” In my book, a thoughtful gift or an act of kindness always deserves a note.

Now I admit, I have been guilty of forgetting to write a thank you note every now and then. And it is the worst feeling when I finally remember a few months after the fact!

So now, whenever I receive a gift, I immediately pull out a blank stationary card and clip it to my “to-do” pad – along with Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons and dry cleaner slips. That way when I have a few minutes to go through my list (usually in the carpool line!) the blank card is right there staring back at me. Sometimes I’ll look at it for weeks before I actually start writing on it (need to do better on that front!). But seeing the card everyday won’t allow me to casually forget that someone has taken the time to do something kind for me.

There are so many beautiful stationary designers in the world today. Today I am featuring the stationary of designer Anne Rifle Bond of the Rifle Paper Co. who has developed quite a following in the paper world lately. The corals in her artwork appeal to me greatly.

anne rifle1





Update: I just saw that Paper Source has 20% off all personalized stationery right now.

Source: Rifle Paper Co.


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