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The Most Helpful Thinking of You Gift: Spoonful of Comfort!


This time of the year can often be a lonely time for many. It can be easy to forget that with all of the sparkling lights, festivities, and gifts at the forefront — but many spend the holidays alone due to any number of reasons. Perhaps their work schedule didn’t allow them to travel to see family, or they were sick and unable to leave their home or hospital. Now that Christmas Day is behind us, take a moment to consider those in your family or community who might have had a difficult holiday and, send them one of the care packages from Spoonful of Comfort!

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Spoonful of Comfort’s care packages and gift baskets are my go-to gift to send family and friends when they need a little encouragement or love. There’s nothing quite like a delicious soup when you’re sick, or cookies when you need a bit of uplifting — right? They have so many fantastic gifts to choose from that anyone would love to receive, many with food and many without.  

The Thinking of You package is such a thoughtful and helpful gift to send. Hot soup, delicious rolls, homemade cookies, and a ladle to serve it all up. Is there anything better? This is the perfect thing to send someone who perhaps couldn’t make it to the family holiday due to illness. You can choose the soups and cookies, and even add on a gift or two — think cozy socks, blankets, a mug for tea, and even a little bell to ring (love this!). I truly think one of life’s little luxuries is a hot meal that you don’t have to cook on your own.

Spoonful of Comfort has so many wonderful gift sets and care packages for all of life’s moments — new babies, birthdays, housewarming, thank you and thinking of you, and even care packages for caregivers. What I love so much about sending someone a Spoonful of Comfort gift is that the company and people behind it are just as amazing as the packages they send. They are a women-owned and -led company that believes in delivering comfort, love, and care during life’s most important moments, and since being founded have sent hundreds of thousands of care packages across the country. 

You can shop the Get Well Soon Gift Package here — but be sure to browse all of their gifts and packages, too!

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