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The Cutest Classroom Valentines!


If you need to order Valentine’s cards for your child’s classroom, today’s post is for you! We’ve rounded up our favorite classroom Valentine’s available this year and there are SO many cute ones! Some you can print at home and some you can order and have delivered right to you. We’ve also added pairing ideas below as well. Scroll down to start shopping! 

Joy Creative Shop

Pair with a pack of crayons!
For the unicorn-obsessed.
Print-at-home option!
Printable- pair withh apple sauce pouches!

Printable to pair with the play-doh below!
So cute to fill in the blank!
The fill-in-the-blank comes in blue and green too.
Print-at-home option!

Tiny Expressions (On Amazon!) 

Personalized cards available on Amazon!
Double-sided and fun for coloring!
Fun for older children!
For the super hero obsessed!

Love Lucy Design

Pair with gummy bears! (Printable only!)
Pair with a watercolor set! (Printable only!)
So cute with animal crackers! (Printable only!)
Pair with play doh! (Printable only!)


Fun to pair with a silly straw!
To pair with bubbles!
Pair with fun pencils!
For the dino lover!

Pair with popcorn!
So timely- pair with hand sanitizer!
Lego lovers will love this one.
Cute to pair with a ruler.

Etsy Favorites

So cute for the whole classroom!
Printable from Natalie Chang!
Pair with the play-doh below!
Pair with festive socks!

They will love this scratch off card!
Cute for tween girls!
For the gamer!
Don't forget the donuts!

Hunny Bee Paperie

Pair with heart sunglasses from a party store.
I love this bookmark Valentine card!
Pair with popcorn!
Pair with a slinky!



$10 for this cute Valentine box!
Under $20 for this set with slime!
A Valentine box for the gamer!
Perfect to pair with the play-doh cards above.


Scented erasers are always a hit.
These magnets are fun!
Everyone will love this one- under $5!
Friendship bracelet tattoos- so fun!


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