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The Big O Key Ring: the BEST Gift for any Busy Mom!

Photo: Megan Mueller- Weaver

Okay, I know every mom in Dallas seems to have this key ring already, so this post is for my readers across the country who may not know about what a life-changing accessory it is. And I am not being melodramatic here. This key ring has truly changed my life, which I why I think it makes the perfect gift…

Here’s the back story: I am a chronic loser of keys. I can’t tell you how many times I have left my keys at the checkout counter, dropped them between the seats of my car, or lost them in the bottom of my massive purse. And when I can’t find my keys, I get STRESSED out big time, because it usually means I’m going to be late to something. And I hate being late.

Inevitably, my stress over losing things spills over onto my children. I get flustered and short with my words and, within a few minutes, all of us are on our hands and knees desperately looking for my lost keys. It’s not a pretty situation!

I am sure there are ample self-help books and seminars that could resolve my chronic losing of things, but who needs those when this key ring has done the trick…

Photo: Megan Muleller- Weaver

It’s called the Big O Key Ring by O-venture. What I love about this key ring is that it’s like a statement piece of jewelry: it’s big, it’s stylish, and it’s well made. It’s four inches in diameter, which makes it the perfect size for slipping onto a stroller handle or hanging on the doorknob of your back door (which is where I keep  mine!).

Photo: Megan Mueller- Weaver

The key ring is so functional that you can wear it into the gym or on your morning jog, as seen here…

Photo: O-venture

I wear mine around my wrist when I run into a store for a quick errand or into school to pick up my children. So easy!

400photo copy
Photo: O-venture

And, with the Big O, you can hold your Starbucks, phone, and keys without feeling like a circus juggler…

Photo: O-venture

The Big O Key ring is $55. I know that’s a little pricey for your normal “friend” gifts, which is why I think it is the PERFECT gift for mothers and mothers-in-law to give to their grown daughters and daughters-in-law.  Or it’d be great to give to your sister who has children at home. I promise, if you have a mom of young children in your life and you give this to her, she will love you forever!

Here are some of the colors it comes in (click for link!):



With my key ring, I no longer feel frazzled rummaging through my purse like a crazy person. And I’m sure my children appreciate how stress-free getting out the door has become!

Now if they’d only make something to prevent me losing my cell phone…





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The Big O Key Ring: order at  O-venture or check their website for stores near you that carry them. 

Jacket: Wild Prairie Print Zip Bomber Jacket | Loft

Jeans: Pilcro Stee Slim Ankle Jeans |  Anthropologie

*I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just really like this key ring:) 

**Beautiful photos by Megan Mueller-Weaver

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17 thoughts on “The Big O Key Ring: the BEST Gift for any Busy Mom!

  1. I just got one for my birthday and I Love it!! So easy to find in my purse and love keeping my hands free!
    Also love your jacket and those are my favorite jeans I’ve owned in forever! I live in them!

  2. Looks awesome! I hate digging for keys (or anything else) in my purse, and I carry a small one. But I also just got a new car with push button everything and it has changed my life! Thanks to that and our attached garage, I almost never even take the keys out of my purse anymore!! Amazing!

    1. That’s great, Blythe! I am sure if I had one of those keyless entry remotes, I would lose that, too. I think I switch purses too many times;). Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Lee! I’m constantly losing my keys (and phone), too, and this key ring seems like an easy (and cute) way to keep track of them. Off to order one now! Thanks 🙂

    By the way, that first photo is just beautiful (they all are, but there’s just something about that first one!)!

    1. Thank you Ally!! You will love it -I truly have not lost my keys once since I got this key ring (and Justin is so happy for it!).

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