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The Best Sheets & Towels at Every Price Point


Linens are the unsung heroes in a home — they’re used daily, slept on, and keep us cozy and clean. So why not give our sheets and towels a bit of a refresh at the start of a new year? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bedding or your bath towels are in need of replacing, today we’re sharing the best of the best when it comes to sheets and towels. 


Cotton or linen. Sateen or percale. Warm sleeper or cold sleeper. There are so many things to consider when it comes to picking the best sheets for you, and it can certainly feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the softest sheets that are universally great for any temperature of sleeper, then sateen is the way to go (think buttery soft and breathable). Cotton percale is best if you sleep hot, and the look is more matte than a sateen sheet. Going for the organic look? Then linen or organic cotton may be for you! Thread count, once upon a time, was thought to be the gold standard when it came to choosing sheets. And while a higher thread count is certainly luxurious, a lower thread count doesn’t necessarily mean that those sheets aren’t as high of quality — it may just imply that the weave is less dense and therefore more breathable. 

The great news is that you can find great quality sheets at every price point. So whether you’re looking to splurge or save, here are the best sheets for a good (and comfortable) night’s rest. 

Classic, buttery soft, and 100% organic cotton.
Target's Casaluna brand is great quality!
Love the pretty detail on this sateen sheet set.
Peacock Alley's sateen sheets in Egyptian cotton!


Towels are something we use every day for a multitude of things. Drying our hands, drying our face, drying off after a shower, and bundling up our little ones after a bath. So it’s important when choosing towels — whether for a first apartment or home, or replacing older ones — that you look for something that’s heavy duty (meaning, can withstand heavy use) and also soft (our skin is delicate, after all). The gold standard in towels is twofold: Softness and absorbency. What good is a soft towel if it doesn’t properly dry? And what good is an absorbent towel if it feels like sand paper? Again, towels are items we use every day, multiple times a day. You certainly don’t have to break the bank when you buy a set, but it’s definitely worth every penny when you find a set you like. 

Here are our favorite towels from some of our favorite brands — Pottery Barn, Target, and yes…even Costco!

The fluffiest towels from Pottery Barn! So durable!
Hydrocotton towels are so absorbent. These are from Costco!
You can't beat the price on these Target towels! Only $9!
Nordstrom has great towels, too!
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