Tasteful Tween Girl Clothing

Tasteful Tween Girl Clothing Brands (Fall Edit)

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We’ve heard from so many moms that our round-ups of fall clothes for boys and girls made shopping for a new season so easy, so we put together a similar round-up of cute, casual clothes for tween girls. We know that this age can be hard to shop for — especially since many tween girls would prefer to wear t-shirts and athletic shorts 24/7 (that’s what’s “in,” after all)! But for occasions when a t-shirt just won’t do, we’ve curated a mix-and-match tween girl clothing wardrobe that’s perfect for fall. Activities outside, church, school gatherings, family photos, and more. Many of these pieces will easily transition to winter, too!

Click the above collage to shop! Don’t forget to browse our Party & Cotillion Dresses post for tween girls, too!

And below are the brands we love for classic, cute clothes for tween girls — for all occasions!

Favorite Tween Girl Clothing Brands

What other “tween” things do you need help with? Outerwear? Skincare? Comment below to help us plan for future posts!

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5 thoughts on “Tasteful Tween Girl Clothing Brands (Fall Edit)

  1. My daughter is about to turn seven, and I already dread navigating clothing as she gets older. She’s already outgrown most smocked brands and it hurts my feelings! So glad to have posts like this to reference!

  2. Love this post! And just a head’s up, have seen some really cute Jack Rogers knock offs at Shoe Carnival for kids and toddlers.

  3. Joules which is a UK brand like Boden (sizing to 11-12) is also lovely. John Lewis (a British brand with Boden and their own line) is also great. Both shops ship to the US. Boden is my go-to but these brands are in 2nd place for classic, yet unique girls designs. Enjoy!