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Sophie and Lili Customized Illustrations for gifts!



My jewelry designer sister went to her first market in New York a few weeks ago. She has worked so hard over the past year, designing and growing her business, that I wanted to do something special for her to tell her how proud I was that she was my sister. When I found this illustration by Sophie and Lili, I just knew I had found the perfect gift.

Sophie and Lili is mainly known for their adorable dolls, but the designer also does amazing personalized watercolors for a reasonable cost (starting at $80). You submit a photo upon ordering which she will use to create a beautiful watercolor of your family, bridal portrait, or just your adorable children.

I just happened to visit Sophie and Lili’s website when she was selling some sample illustrations and found one that looked just like my fashionista sister of Neely Phelan Jewelry! So while Neely was at market in the big city, I snuck into her studio and left it along with a note of congratulations…

neelysstudioIt gives me such joy to plan little surprises for the ones I love. It is such a fun way of showing love and appreciation.

Here’s my sister (blonde on far right) after an Grammy gift bag event last Spring. It looks just like her! Way to go Neely Phelan – what a year!

beverly hills hotel

She was thrilled when she came back and saw the beautiful illustraion.

I would love to get a custom watercolor of my whole family, but have to take the perfect picture first! In the meantime, I am in love with this one of the a little girl holding her mommy’s hand. Little blondie with her doll: something I see all of the time!

little girl with doll

Visit for more details and to order your own customized watercolor. You have to submit a photo upon ordering and know that the lead time is a minimum of 4-6 weeks – so plan now for Christmas gifts!

Oh and don’t forget to check out my sister’s show-stopping jewelry at

Happy Gifting!





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