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Registration for our Preschool Enrichment Club is Open!

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After a fun Fall we are excited to announce spring registration is open for our Preschool Enrichment Club! Whether your children are home or in an actual preschool, this club is the perfect way to have community with moms in the same stage of life and learn all about how to cultivate curiosity and a love of learning in your children. And the good news  is that all the work of finding great books and enriching activities is done for you!

Join us to start in February and get $15 off with code DSG15!

If you are a mom or caregiver of a child ages 2-5 we would love you to join us for this special little club! We are returning this semester with a simplified activity guide, more ZOOM story times (by popular request!), and new videos helping you be intentional with the time before your children enter grade school. 

What You Get: 

  • Four month membership to our Preschool Enrichment Club (January 18- May 15)
  • Monthly printable list of quality and engaging books
  • Monthly printable list of simple and enriching activities incorporating art, music, and nature
  • ZOOM group storytimes and virtual field trips (3 per month!). 
  • Resource list of materials and toys that are perfect for preschool learning
  • Access to our private membership site with resources, tips, articles and more
  • Access to our private Facebook community where parents can share ideas, book recommendations and other tips

How it Works: 

Each month we will have two cute preschool themes with a list of quality books to read and activities to go along with them. (January will have one theme since we officially start on the 18th!) You can some of reserve the books at the library, share with local friends doing the group, or purchase. You don’t need all the books; we suggest a lot so you will have a good selection to draw on for years to come!

The simple activities we suggest will intentionally focus on the skills and experiences children typically experience at preschool including:

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Numeracy
  • Music
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Games
  • Imaginative Play 

The additional videos each month will focus on things such as fine motor skills, language development, early introductions to math skills for children, and how art and music can be enjoyed by preschoolers. Valuable information that I wish I had known with my oldest that will take pressure off as you think ahead to grade school and beyond. 

Do we have to stay on a schedule? Or can I just buy and do on my own time?

Much like our book club this is a low-stress community. Every family is different and how you choose to use these enrichment resources is up to you! You may just want the book and activity lists. That’s fine! 

Can our nanny do it with our child? 

Yes! We had lots of caregivers and grandmothers do this last semester! Moms loved that they could give caregivers specific books and activities that had intention behind them.

Is the price per child or per family?

Per family! So it’s really a great value if you have several small children!

Are there any discounts?

We made the price as low as we could with the large amount of content you receive (enriching ZOOMs, videos, monthly book lists and activity guides you can use for years). BUT you can sign up to be an affiliate. If your friends use your unique link to register you will get $15 for every purchase. So if five friends sign up you’ve made back your registration fee! 

On that note, it’s a really fun to thing to do with long distance friends. Your children can see each other on the ZOOMs and be enjoying the same books and activities. It would be fun for a neighborhood group as well!  

What’s the best part about the club?

We have so many amazing reviews from moms who did it with us in the fall. Click here to read them and sign up.

I would LOVE to spend some “virtual” time in this special group with you this spring! Or if you know a mom who would love this, please pass along!

Read more and register here

I look forward to getting started January 18th!

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