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P’s, Q’s and What to Do’s: The Etiquette of Friendship


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All month long we’ve been doing an etiquette refresh on DoSayGive. We’ve shared my how to be considerate with texting and social media, the foundations for being a gracious host and guest, and tips for mastering the art of the conversation. This last part in our P’s, Q’s and What to Do series is about friendship. Most people don’t realize that there even is an etiquette of friendship, but there absolutely is! We teach these things to the girls who take our etiquette e-course as they are traits that are much better learned early life: how to be a good friend and what to look for in a friend. 

Remember, etiquette is about being considerate of those around us – that’s the heart of DoSayGive: being gracious in everything we do, say and give. And that’s what a true friend should be. Gracious and considerate, embodying all these things below: 


A good friend is kind. 

Kindness should always be the forefront of a good friendship. Not jealousy, not sarcasm that’s consistently mean-spirited. If you friend isn’t kind, she isn’t your friend. 


A good friend is trustworthy. 

She doesn’t divulge information you shared with her in confidence. Nor gossip behind your back. In fact, she always has your back!


A good friend is honest.

She will tell you if the dress doesn’t look good on you (in a kind way!). 


A good friend listens. 

She truly wants to hear what you have to say. She wants to know you and thus she listens intently to your words.  She is an engaged listener and seeks to understand your point of view, even if she doesn’t agree. She understands the give and take of conversation – it isn’t all about her. 


A good friend is supportive.  

She rejoices when you rejoice and mourns when you mourn. She remembers your birthday and shows up for your grandmother’s funeral. She sweeps in to help in times of need whether it’s the arrival of a new baby or a family emergency. She is intentional in growing the friendship by showing up in good times and in bad.

Furthermore, a friend does not resent your successes or envy your gifts. She celebrate the person God made you and all your gifts. She lifts you up with words. She is an encourager!


A good friend forgives. 

She does not hold grudges. She is quick to forgive and quick to apologize, too. 


A good friend respects boundaries. 

She is not clingy or needy. Nor is she threatened by your friendships with others. She never makes you feel guilty for not spending time with her. 


A good friend is faithful. 

She honors you when you are together and when you are not. She is devoted to you in all seasons. Seasons of joy and sorrow and even seasons when life gets full and you can’t see each other very much. A true friend is steadfast. 

Don’t we all want friends like this? I know we all long for good friendships. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to make good friends no matter what stage of life you are in! Be sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss it.

Did you like learning about the etiquette of friendship? Comment below and if you have a teen or tween girl remember you can get 30% off our on demand etiquette e-course (watch anytime!) with code 30DSG.  

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