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Potted plant gift (without the pot!)



Ever need a happy little gift for a co-worker’s birthday or something to bring along when you visit an elderly grandparent?  This potted plant (without the pot!) is so easy it’s almost not even right to post about it!

But a friend just happened to drop by when I was putting one together for my daughters’ physical therapist and she said it was a wonderful thing to remember when you need a little present on the go.

So step one: Get one of those mini potted flowers you see in the floral department in the grocery store or at your local nursery.

You can see I only paid $5.99 for mine. So cheap.
purple plant with tag

Step Two: Get your hot glue gun going:

hot glue gun

Step Three: Grab whatever wide ribbon you have on hand, 2-3″ depending on the height of the container. I used this burlap with fringe (source below). Wrap the around the pot once and cut. Then dab a bit of glue and press firmly for a minute.

hot glue purple plant

Step Four: Affix a little card using a clothing pin and you have a precious little gift for under $7! Seriously, so easy. I’m sure it would bring a  smile to someone special in your life today.

final purple plant

Happy gifting!



Plant: Nicholson Hardie, Dallas

Ribbon: Amazon

Calling Cards: Original Ink Designs 


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