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Phrases that Fill Your Child’s Cup

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A few weeks ago on Instagram, we shared several phrases that fill a child’s cup — beyond saying “I love you.” And wow! This post has been our most shared post on Instagram to date, which tells me that our DoSayGive community is looking for ways to fill our children’s cups in meaningful, intentional ways. The idea for the Instagram post came from my grandmother (who is the inspiration for so much here at DoSayGive). She used to say to me and my sister, “You are my treasure,” and this phrase has stuck with me my entire life. I say it to my own children now and it’s the kind of thing that I’ll remember over all the times she told me she loved me (and there were so many).

Our children yearn for loving, kind words from their parents — the words that build them up in a world that tries to tear them down. Here are several that made me smile, and I’d love to know what you’d add!

15 Phrases that Fill Your Child’s Cup

I’m proud of you for…Doing something hard, having high standards, being kind to your sister, etc.

You’re really good at ______.

You are my treasure.

You’re so much fun to be around.

I love being your mom.

Our family is better because you’re in it.

I can tell you’re working so hard on learning [XYZ]. Keep going!

You make my heart so happy.

There’s nothing you can do that would make me love you less.

I am so glad God put you in our family.

I like holding your hand.

You’re a good friend.

Our family is better because you’re in it.

I love watching you do the things you love!

I’m your biggest fan.

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