Elegant (and Easy!) Christmas Cards with Dixie Design

Elegant & Easy Christmas Cards with Dixie Design + Card Etiquette Tips!


I’m thrilled to share our family’s Christmas cards this year and how easy it is to order cards from Dixie Design, an online source for refined, ready-made stationery that y’all are going to love just as much as I do! Plus, a few helpful etiquette tips as you think about your family’s card this year.

Dixie Design was inspired by (founder) Jennifer Hunt’s desire for custom calligraphy Christmas cards with beautiful art, without the big price tag. Their customizable cards have the same personality as handcrafted cards but, thankfully, customers don’t have to deal with a long production time or hefty design fee. Most orders arrive within 7-10 days after purchase – yay!

Dixie Design’s 2017 Holiday Collection is every Southern mama’s dream. Each card is hand-designed by one of Dixie Design’s skilled artists who are chosen for their gifts in illustration, calligraphy, painting, and hand-lettering. Once you choose your design, it is so easy to upload your photo to their site, add a personalized message, and check Christmas cards off your list.

This year I chose a beautiful card designed by the talented Gina Langford. I have admired Gina on Instagram for a while so I’m tickled that I now have a Christmas card designed by her! When my mom and I first saw these cards, we cried they are so special.

Not only is it our Christmas card, but it is Louise’s birth announcement, too. (Several of Dixie Designs cards can be used like this!).

The detailing is just stunning. Thank you so much, Gina and Dixie Design, for this keepsake of a card.

My Christmas card also comes in a similar blue and green version. And don’t miss Dixie Design’s holiday tags as well.

Q: What is the proper listing of names on a Christmas card? 
A: Typically husband, wife followed by children oldest to youngest:
The Jones Family
Thomas, Marie, Emily, Evan and Gracie

Q:  Do you address to “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith” or “The Smith Family.” (Does it matter?)

I think either is fine. I prefer The Smith Family if the couple has children, as to include everyone.
Q: How does one figure out how to pluralize their last name?
A: Use the plural form of your last name and not the possessive form (Correct: The Collier Family or The Colliers; Incorrect:  The Colliers’ or Collier’s).  The only proper use of the possessive form is when the invitation reads:  “Please join us at The Colliers’ Home.”  We see this mistake a lot and we don’t want it to happen to you!
Q: What other grammar things to people need to know?
A:That Pesky Comma! The Oxford comma is common practice for every day use, but it can sometimes be unnecessary and even distracting on a holiday card.  We like the way this name list looks without the Oxford comma on a holiday card:
Merry Christmas!
The Holland Family
Henry, Anna Beth and George
Q: Who do you send cards to? Just out-of-town friends and family and business associates or everyone we know?
I think you can send cards out to anyone, people you see daily to friends and family afar. I love the tradition of printed cards in our digital age. I love hearing how people save their cards from year to year. One lady I know would bundle each years cards in a beautiful ribbon and display them each year at Christmas. She and her family would have so much fun going back through them and remembering days gone by.
Q: Any other tips when ordering Christmas cards? 
A: Order some extra cards! I think it is nice to have some extras to send out to someone who sent you a card and you did not have them on your original list.

Thank you so much to Dixie Design for gifting me these beautiful Christmas cards. I can’t wait to share them with my friends and family!

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Photos: Sweet Memory Photography (She is a wonderful family photographer in Dallas!)


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