Our Gender Reveal + A Helpful "What to Say" Tidbit

Our Gender Reveal + A Helpful “What to Say”

Pregnancy and Baby

The Hospitality Sweet cake

So I know I said we weren’t finding out the sex of this baby. But when I went on hospital bed rest, and our lives were put into complete disarray, my husband and I felt that our children needed something concrete, something positive amidst all this unknown. So a few weeks ago we ordered a cake from The Hospitality Sweet and Megan Weaver took the sweetest pictures in my little hospital room.

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I’ll let the photos do the narrating…

gender revealgender revealgender revealgender revealgender reveal

Yes, it’s another girl! We are going to be a family of four girls, who would have thought?! My girls were thrilled because they wanted a girl and my husband felt like it was a girl all along so was excited about the confirmation.

To be honest, I was a tad emotional afterward. Not that I’m not thrilled with a girl (I am!), but I always pictured myself having a little towheaded boy that looked just like my husband. I think it’s okay for mothers and fathers to have emotions about these kind of things, don’t you?

Now it probably didn’t help that the nurses and techs that came in the rest of day had a tone of pity in their voices and kept saying things like, “I heard the news. . .” and “Well, maybe next time” and the conciliatory, “All girls will be okay.” Not one person acted excited for us. (Thankfully our family did!)

God-Centered Mom once told me her response when people made insensitive comments about her having a fourth boy (in front of her other boys!). She would respond, “With three adorable boys like this, why wouldn’t I want another one?” I’m totally stealing that line because that’s truly how I feel.

How fun to have another sweet girl running around the house and how special for my girls to have three sisters. Just like Little Women!

And fun fact: did you know that girls do better as preemies? They call them “Wimpy White Boys” in the NICU – not joking. Knowing that this babu girl will probably be premature makes us even more thankful for God’s perfect plan.

Now we just need to decide on a name…

P.S. If you missed my latest pregnancy update, you can read it here.

Photos: Megan Weaver

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31 thoughts on “Our Gender Reveal + A Helpful “What to Say”

  1. Oh how fun!!! My mom is one of five girls and I love the bond between them! I have no sisters, but I have fortunately gained three amazing sister-in-laws. That is one LOVED little baby girl you have. Continued prayers for you and your family! Thanks for sharing this sweet reveal ?

  2. They will be the Little Women, and you are Marmee! What wonderful news. And think of all the matching possibilities. 🙂 So glad to hear of this news for you. Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy and delayed delivery.

  3. We didn’t find out the sex of our second until birth and admittedly, for about one minute I was disappointed it wasn’t a boy. I had known that I was done having kiddos and imagined having one of each but now I see how perfect having my two girls are. I love that things like this are out of control-it truly happens exactly how it is supposed to. I am so thrilled for your family of girls!!

  4. Lee! So excited for you. I am the oldest of 4 girls and love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. ??

  5. All of families I know with all girls have the closest bond. I always loved going over to their houses and then later it was so sweet to watch them each celebrate each other at their weddings and births of their babies. Congratulations, you make beautiful girls!!

  6. I echo the all girls fun…as one of 4 women, it’s an amazing sisterhood. Plus, look ahead for grandbabies–my sisters had all boys 2 months apart and we had lots of fun learning about the boy life. 🙂 Congrats!

  7. Honestly, it’s comforting to know that God knows best! His plan from the beginning is for your family to have four girls 🙂 congratulations on your fourth baby girl!

  8. Oh blessed news! A girl…not “another” girl, but a new life, unique and special as only she can be!!! I loved your “little women refererence…it’s what I thought of immediately! Girls to share stories and bedrooms and nighttime talks and boyfriend stories and accessories and prom pictures. And later, bridesmaids and babies and love and family history that only they can know! Wouldn’t take for my sisters…we’re all different but share a bond that weaves through our lives like a ribbon. We’re tied up together forever…..congratulations and ❤️

  9. Darling photos…loved watching the story unfold! I love having all the same gender…it’s so fun and so much easier! They are generally into the same interests and activities and have so much fun together! It’s pretty special to have four of the same. When people comment to me about “not getting a girl”, I usually smile and say “I love my boys!”

  10. My Mom is one of 5 girls; when her youngest sister was born, the doctor told my grandmother that girls are a blessing! I am one of 3 girls; I have one daughter, and my sister has two daughters. I think girls are the best! You are blessed!