My Little Plan to Help Your Husband Be More Thoughtful....

My Little Plan to Help Your Husband Be More Thoughtful…



I am always so happy when my friends’ husbands tell me they follow DoSayGive or they found a gift idea for their wives off DoSayGive. That means I am doing something right! But lately I have been strategizing on how to reach more husbands and boyfriends because I know most of our husbands want to be thoughtful and loving, but sometimes need a little help in that department – especially when it comes to gifts! So I’m sharing my plan as well as an awesome Yeti giveaway for you and your husband (or boyfriend!). 

You may have noticed there is now a tab on my home page called “For Husbands Only” so if a gift-idea seeking husband (or boyfriend) finds himself on he won’t be overwhelmed and will know right where to go!

Once he clicks on that tab he will see three options to help him out:

  1. Sign up for the DoSayGive email list just for husbands and boyfriends. He will receive no more than five emails a year – one before Valentine’s Day, one before Mother’s Day, and two or three during the Christmas holidays. The reason for that is I want them to remain on the list and not unsubscribe because they are getting inundated with emails. Genius, right?!  The email will remind them of the upcoming holiday and clearly list fabulous, on-trend and classic, gifts in all price ranges, as well as thoughtful cards, and “free” ideas for being thoughtful (i.e. how to buy a flowers, etc.). If this email list is a success I might add an option for them to receive an email the month of your birthday!
  2. Browse DoSayGive’s “Top Gifts for Her” Gift Guide. Updated weekly, the guide features fabulous gift ideas in all prices ranges and easy-to-use links that he can shop right from his phone or computer.
  3. Contact DoSayGive for personal gift shopping. Did you know that I can work with your husband or boyfriend to find the perfect gift for you? He doesn’t have to be in Dallas either! Several of my readers’ husbands have reached out to me for this service. And it is so fun for me to help!


Yeti Rambler Giveaway!!!


To get your husbands to sign up for the DoSayGive email list, I am giving away two personalized Yeti Ramblers – one 30 oz. and one 20oz (both of which are pretty much sold out nationwide!). And I will have them personalized with the color and monogram style of your choice (and if he doesn’t want his monogrammed, he can get his without one;).

yeti collage

So here ‘s how to enter:

Sign your husband, boyfriend, or even dad, up for the new DoSayGive “For Husbands Only” email list here. Or forward this post onto your husband so he can sign up himself. Update: Congratulations Jay Tillotson on winning the two Yeti Ramblers! 


And please share this post on Facebook (link below if you are on a desktop!)! Let me know what you think about it all below or if you have any thoughtful tips I should include in my email to the guys!





Photo: Stephanie Drenka (top photo); Pinterest


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