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My latest “signature” gift



How many times a year do you make a run to Sprinkles, your local florist, or maybe a gift shop to buy something for a friend, co-worker, or teacher’s birthday? To save time and brainpower, I have started giving a “signature” gift. Throughout the year I will give the same gift over and over again. My latest one is so simple and appealing…

What inspired this gift was the packaging from a chic L.A. bakery called Urban Palatela. I just loved the soft colors and also that they include utensils with this gift – what a thoughtful gesture for your friend who may want to enjoy their gift right away!

urban paleta
Source: Urban Palate LA

I had to search high and low for similar fabric and utensils but, thankfully, I found both! (see links at the bottom of the post).


The lovely, hand-dyed fabric I found can be repurposed by the recipient for something wonderful (I’m sure all you creative types can think of something!) And for the “sweet treat” I picked up some delicious Blueberry Streusel from local Dallas favorite, Breadwinners.

supplies for signature gift

I know that in our crazed cooking culture, some people feel bad for giving a gourmet gift that’s not “homemade.” I think that’s silly. Why not utilize bakers and artisans who have perfected their craft?

Sure, I bake when I can. And love it. But the reality is, when I’m short on time, I like to be able to run into places like Breadwinners where they have 5-6 different types of sweet breads ready to go at all times.


I love gifting sweet breads because they can be eaten for breakfast, dessert, or even a late afternoon snack. You can tie up these breads with a simple ribbon, or you can make them really special by packaging them with beautiful textiles like I have done below.


What’s practical about a signature gift is that once you buy the materials, it’s so easy to recreate it over and over again. For this particular gift, since I already have the fabric, forks, and twine, all I have to do the next time I need a little gift is add something sweet!


What’s your “go-to” gift? Would love to know!

See more of my favorite gourmet gifts here.

Happy Giving!



Utensils: Sucre Shop on etsy ($12 for 20)

Fabric: “Sunset” Fabric from Marianna Studio3 (an request custom order if this one is not currently available on etsy) .You can also find beautiful fabrics to wrap gifts at your local fabric or craft store. 

Bread: Breadwinners

Gift Tags: Target

Twine: Jo Ann Fabric

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11 thoughts on “My latest “signature” gift

  1. Lee, I love your posts and your desire to simplify. The Lord has had me on the same journey the past several years. I too have a go-to gift. It works for birthday, house-warming, or any other time a little sussy is in order. I buy some yummy hand soap in a pump (there are so many beautiful options at a great price at Marshals and TJ Maxx). I wrap it in a dish towel and tie with a ribbon like you have have ta-da. It’s pretty, but most of all it’s useful to the recipient. 🙂

    1. This a great go-to gift idea! I know I always need hand soap and fresh dish towels! I’m going to have to remember this one. Thank you so much for your kind words, Shannon, and for taking the time to comment!

  2. Great thoughts, Lee!
    I have discovered Panera’s Cinnamon Coffeecake! You can by them frozen and have on hand! Thanks for your new and inspiring ideas. Love you so much and so glad to see you have the time to write. you are inspiring me!

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I need to remember that about Panera! That’s a handy go-to gift. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! XOXO

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