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My Favorite Thing about our Christmas Prep Club!


There are some pretty amazing perks of being part of our Christmas Prep Club. (Like getting to be the FIRST to access to our holiday gift guide!). But today I wanted to share how this club is filling a much needed gap in our culture: it bridges generations together with a common purpose: to make room for what matters most during the Christmas season. 

My mom was in town last week and we recorded a little video for our Prep Club members. I loved hearing her tips and wisdom for getting ready for the holidays. Our time together got me thinking: in a world where so many younger women don’t have their mother or grandmother nearby, there is a longing and need really to be connected to generations who have learned a thing or two. And that’s especially true of the holidays!

There are so many wonderful women’s groups out there but most of them are divided by age or stage of life (singles, young marrieds, young moms, etc.). But I think there is something to be said for being in community with people who are all different ages. I purposely joined a Bible study years ago with women in all stages of life because I love learning and hearing from women who are step or two ahead of me. 

That’s what makes our Christmas Prep Club so unique! We have women from all generations – singles, mothers, grandmothers, even great-grandmothers! 

I love seeing the conversations that pop up in our private Facebook group. The encouraging online dialogue between members and the many tips and hacks that are shared. Younger members love hearing from older members when it comes to ideas for managing extended family gatherings, prepping for hosting and what that timeline looks like, favorite recipes and meaningful traditions. 

This Christmas Prep Club isn’t a contest about who can get the most done before the holidays. It’s coming together to encourage and inspire as we get the privilege of serving and loving our families each holiday season and pointing them to the true meaning of the Christmas. 

Even if you have your Christmas planning down pat, we would still love for you to join us this fall. You will not only get great discounts on fabulous gifts, inspiration for food and entertaining, and FIRST access to our Holiday Gift Guide but you will also get the opportunity to encourage and bless others. We would just LOVE to have you!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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