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Design with a Wink: Meet HONEY + HANK!


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A few months ago I posted a photo of my new master bedroom throw pillows on Instagram. Rarely have pillows received such a positive response! But these pillows are just any pillows. They are from a new unique home decor brand that calls its style “design with a wink.” I am excited to share more about HONEY + HANK with y’all today!

This post is sponsored by HONEY + HANK. Thanks for supporting the brands I love and think you will love!

Y’all know I love discovering products and gifts that have a bit of meaning or tell a little story. That’s why I fell head over heels with HONEY + HANK’s new line.

Each pattern offers a fun “AH-HA!” moment when you realize the patterns are actually comprised of little state shapes or nursery rhyme characters. At first glance, you think you are looking at a traditional floral or geometric print. But look more closely and you’ll see that HONEY + HANK’s unique patterns feature hand-drawn designs that tastefully celebrate the places and pastimes you love.

Their stateside pillows and napkins are a way to honor your heritage, or a special place you once lived or visited, in an elegant and understated way. The bluebonnet print (above) or the Texas prickly pair would be perfect for a Texas home or ranch (or expat!). I adore the Tennessee stripe and Georgia bamboo stripe.

Fun fact: HONEY + HANK was founded by Jenny (Hankinson) Smiley who is the former Creative Director for Barrington Gifts, where she designed and launched the company’s popular line of women’s totes and accessories (also with fun prints!).

Jenny wanted to create pieces in her home “that told the story of our lives without sacrificing good taste.” Even though they are a new company you can already find the line in fine boutiques across Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and Midland.

“It’s just been so much fun to see people react so passionately when a pillow triggers fond memories of their summer vacations in Florida, their ranch in Texas, or the nursery rhymes they share with their kids,” she told us. “We want everyone to experience that feeling in their home.”

HONEY + HANK’s debut collection includes decorative pillows, made of 100% linen with down inserts, and napkins which would make a great gift. Coming soon are wallpaper and fabric by the yard!

See more and purchase at, on Instagram at @honeyhank, and in boutiques across Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and Midland.

Photos: Audrie Dollins


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