Lovely Christmas Traditions

Lovely Christmas Traditions



Today I am sharing wonderful Christmas traditions that might give you ideas for your own family. And, to add a little something fun, I’ve been taking pictures as I’ve visited friends’ houses this Christmas season and am sharing the beautiful and unique ways they decorate their homes for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy hearing my friends’ wonderful traditions and seeing how they make their homes welcoming and special for their loved ones during the holidays  (These aren’t fancy “staged” photos, just real life shots taken with an iPhone!)


“Our children make ornaments for grandparents every year with their handprints. Such a sweet tradition for our family.”

lindsey front door

“I love our nice Christmas Eve dinner of filets, twice baked potatoes, salad, and then fudge pie with peppermint ice cream!”

Remember how I said all my friends have bread bowls? This is a beautiful seasonal display.

“On Christmas Eve, one of the children will read Luke 2 (and sometimes act it out!). And then each child gets to open one present. “

My friend Chamlee’s beautiful Jesse Tree.

“Santa comes in on Christmas Eve to my parents’ house and hands out one gift to all the grandchildren, then we open every gift under the tree. We all dress up and it’s such a beautiful tradition for our family.”

My friend, Lindsey, puts a little Christmas tree in her son and daughter’s room – how magical for them!

“We bring out The Kindness Elves during the Christmas season. It’s similar to Elf on a Shelf, but it involves going kind things for others. It is a sweet tradition for our family. “

You know I loved this collection of Christmas books – many of these are in my Christmas book post!

“As a child, my family put luminaries out on Christmas Eve and now we do the same for our children. The girls love filling the bags with sand and lining our driveway with the beautiful lights.”

courtney dining room 2
My friend Courtney’s dining room set for a dinner party. Just lovely.

“Something kind of random, but my children love this old tradition called “The Green Pickle.” You hide the pickle everyday and the children have to find it. They love it!”

lindsey nativity scene
Love this nativity scene!

“Girls open one present Christmas Eve after church – and it’s always new Christmas PJs to wear to bed and wake up in Christmas morning! And we listen to Handel’s Messiah all month long!”

courrtney living room
What a beautiful room!

“Before we go downstairs on Christmas morning, all the kids climb in the bed and we read the Christmas story from the Bible. I love to remind them of the real gift of Christmas and the real reason we are celebrating before everyone gets swept into presents!.”

I just love how my friend put the Advent candles on her kitchen table with a simple wreath over her window.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Please share below!







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  1. Thank you helping me to get log into Instagram. This year I am starting to give to mothers who has an illness child/ children. This year I pick these girls and ordered custom bears for them and they are dealing with batten disease.
    I am a mother with hearing loss and a child with special needs. My heart ache for this mother. It just make my trouble seems so small compare what this mother is dealing with.
    I loved you title -Do say give.

    1. You are welcome! I love what you are doing. I have a child who had very serious medical issues and so my heart goes out to these families. I will keep these families in my prayers. And after the holidays I am going to be writing about more ways to reach out to families like these. Thank you for sharing.

  2. First time reader–I love your blog! We always have a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner, just my husband and I (next year we’ll be joined by our first baby! <3), where I go all out–prime rib, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped green beans…lots of goodies 🙂 I even set the table with my nana's antique fine china (her parents brought it with them from England when they moved to America…it's one of my most treasured items). After dinner we pour some champagne (Welch's for me this year ha), and open our gifts for each other. We're not Catholic, but we usually end the night at midnight mass. The service is always so beautiful.

    1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!! Congratulations on your baby to be born next year – many blessings ahead! I’m so glad you found DoSayGive!